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Joshua Hass
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Default Recommendations for dosages

Hey everyone!

I'm leaving the shithole of Afghanistan to return to the States in about 4 weeks, and I want to add BCAAs and Fish Oil to my diet when I get back. I was wondering what dosages I should be taking to maximize the effects as well as avoid pissing money away by taking too much.

A little about me: I'm 29, 5'10", ~205 lbs, and around 10-12% BF. I'm loosely following a Paleo diet using the eyeball method, and will be tightening it up once I get back and can do my own grocery shopping and cooking. I am currently doing the WOD as well as following HIIT cardio based on Cosgrove's Afterburn program (which I found here). I will be going back to morning PT, which is heavily focused on functional exercises, agility movements and shorter, faster runs. (We implemented the program Regiment wide, right about the same time I discovered CrossFit, and was amazed at how similar they are.) I will also be doing WODs after work and additional training for a 2 week selection course in March that will involve a lot of rucking up and down the mountains doing land nav.

From what I've gathered from my limited research, I should be taking in between 6-10 grams a day of fish oil. As for BCAAs, I've determined that I should be consuming around 5-10 grams 3-5x per day grams a day.

The remaining questions I have are as follows:
When should I be taking these in relation to meals and workouts?
Should I take the same amounts on my off days as I do on training days?
Are the amounts I have listed above sufficient?
Are there guidelines such as X grams per LB of bodyweight?
Any specific brands?
Is the ratio of DHA/EPA that important in the fish oil?

I apologize for the long-winded post. Any advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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