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Trygve Lunde
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Default Allergi, asthma and nutrition


I think that allergi and asthma causes some failure due to nutrition. Ive seen people eating the high fat "diet" and everything has dissapered. So my question is. What causes asthma and allergi and how can we cure it ?
I think the medical industry knows the answear but they are corrupt and will never give us the answear, just some medication that will put it on hold so they can continue to earn money.

So what is your take on this matters? also when it comes to food allergies like nuts, apples etc. what causes these things? it has to be something in our body
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Steven Low
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Immunoglobulin E


And it's already under research and targeted... for example, anti-histamines.
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Mike ODonnell
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Google Leaky Gut....everything starts in the Gut.
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