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Default Erik's SS Adventure

Since I'm a novice with only 2 years of active lifting under my belt and have been off a year I am taking Gants advice and starting fresh before I introduce CF into the mix. I am hoping to gain decent muscle while shedding pounds and decreasing my bodyfat.

I will be working 3x a week with short cardio (10-15mins) on off days to speed up recovery.

Weeks 4,7,10 I will start introducing metcons to the mix to get ready for BJJ in January.

So here we go I will be starting light as prescribed in Starting strength as to not stall on my progression.

12 week Program

1 unassisted pullup
Squat 250
Bench 150
Deadlift 300

These numbers are low and will be adjusted as my progression occurs and I reach my PR's but we all start somewhere!

bodyfat: 30%

Monday October 7, 2008

Squat: 3x5 115lbs
Bench: 3x5 45lbs
Pullups: 3x8 150lbs assisted pullup machine

Progression for Wednesday
Squat: +20
Bench: off
Pullups: off
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