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Barney Ring
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Default ART, wow!

I have been dealing with climbers' elbow for about a month now. It finally bothered me enough that I compensated and inflammed by shoulder.

I went to a chiropracter today who does ART and already feel better than I have even with 3 days of rest.

I have 5 more appointments for ongoing treatment and if they work as good as the first, I'll be sold on the technique.

Imagine being able to do pullups without pain again? Almost a perfect world.

I recommend checking out ART to anyone with this malady.
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Garrett Smith
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If I get any issues that I consider to be myofascial in nature, there is a chiro in town who practices ART that I plan on visiting.

The LILT treatments I do in my office have worked great on epicondylitis (pull-up induced) so far for me.
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Justin Deardorff
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