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Ralph Garcia
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Default Pilon Espresso Coffee

Okay, so it's been two years since I posted on here asking how to drink coffee sans sugar/milk (see http://www.cathletics.com/forum/show...referrerid=72).

I am now totally addicted to drinking espresso or Americano and I'm proud to say I actually prefer it black. I also feel much better towards the end of a work day without all that sugar (who knew!). I'm not sure what I would do without my espresso with working fulltime, going to grad school, and recently becoming a father.

Anyways, I wanted to recommend Pilon espresso. It's available in abundant quantities at any grocery store here in Miami, but I hope you all can find some in your area too. The Pilon gourmet blend is smoother, but either is great.
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Steve Liberati
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Thanks for the recommendation and welcome to the Dark Side!
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