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Trevor Salmon
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Default Slam Balls

I wondered what type of balls people are using for slam balls. The dynamax don't work so great but the traditional medicine balls bounce too much. Just curious of what others are using.
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Derek Simonds
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I have the orange D-Ball and it has held up well.
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Craig Snyder
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I made my own from an old basketball and filled with sand. 15 pounder. It doesn't bounce at all, which is a little bit of a problem sometimes, but it works.

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Craig Brown
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I've been using a small, 50# sandbag rebounded off a tire. Hi reps are not an option, but it's a hell of a workout.
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Garrett Smith
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A semi tire and a single large sledgehammer or two small "one-hand" mallets gets you nearly the same effect as slamball. They're also cheaper and will likely last decades longer.
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