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Patrick Yeung
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Default 6 pack = weak body?

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1...?dopt=Abstract (wfs)

Few studies have observed any performance enhancement in sporting activities despite observing improvements in core stability and core strength following a core training programme. A clearer understanding of the roles that specific muscles have during core stability and core strength exercises would enable more functional training programmes to be implemented, which may result in a more effective transfer of these skills to actual sporting activities.
Not really a weak body, but thought this was kind of funny. I stopped doing ab work awhile ago to focus more on power, guess it was the right step.

Guess those crunches really are just for vanity after all.
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Blair Lowe
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The weakest boy currently on my team squad has a 6 pack that he loves to show off and touch. He can barely do a few skin the cats and has a very short L-sit time. Our Muscle-man also has a 6 pack but then again he can do a front lever. A so-so L-sit time and L-hang but still FL, ridiculously long BL and straddle planche.

There's your midline stability.
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