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George Mounce
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Default Sweet Potato Pancakes

Found this recipe...it is freaking full of awesome.


Edit: Forgot to say I substituted coconut flour for the oats, and added 3 Tbsp of flax meal.
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Karen Chu
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this looks interesting...and tasty! thanks for sharing
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Marcus Heidtman
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George, thanks for posting this and I'm sorry to resurrect an older post.

I tried making this with your substitutions above but I ended up creating a giant bucket of fail.

Did you sub 2 full cups of coconut flour for the oats? I tried with a lesser amount at first and while the batter consistency was right, the pancakes wouldn't firm up. Then when I tried adding more coconut flour, the batter set like concrete and my mixer could barely stir it.

Do you recall if you used 2 cups of coconut flour? Also, what kind of yogurt did you use? Thanks!
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