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Edward Friedman
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Default Robb Wolff - John McDougal

Some time ago, (perhaps a few years,) there was a post about Robb attending a presentation by McDougal. Robb posed a question about nutrition in the context of our species' development and, IIRC, was asked to leave (WTF?!).

I recall that I really appreciated the question and it has been on my mind as, unfortunately, I have some acquaintances who are totally taken witht the (as Dr. Eades has pointed out,) ironically named "Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine," (not!)

I would appreciate if someone could refresh my recollection as to Robb's actual question and the circumstances.

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Jacob Rowell
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You could always try Robb's site - http://robbwolf.com. I'm sure he could answer better than anyone.
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Scott Clark
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This is the first I've heard about this. I know Robb set up the protein debate between Cordain and Campbell, but I didn't know about any dealings with McDougal. Interested in finding out more.
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