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Robbie Bremner
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Default Improve flexibility by not lifting and doing static stretching???

I have recently started to lift with the N.I. squad lifters and there is a young lifters of 18yrs who lifts over 90/115. His numbers have been going up but to the detriment of postural control. He has now been told by the coaches to stop lifting for a few weeks to improve his flexibility.
I see this as a ridiculous move. I know from experience that-
1- I could not stop lifting.
2- Lifting has improved my flexility/postural control/structure/depth/etc.
3- Stretching has limited benefits.
The list could go on but I think the right course would be to ease off the weight and rebuild him. Huge emphasis on squatting ability & postural control, plus add movements to strengthen his postural weaknesses. Build it up so he is competent with all movements.

Any Thoughts?
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Steven Low
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Depends how bad the posture is.

Some people's posture is very bad that it would be a good idea to stop lifting to improve posture first.

It's case by case and if your coach has been around a while I would probably trust his judgement.
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Allen Yeh
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What are they having him do for this posture fixing thing? That is pretty important, it could be a few weeks of in futility if they aren't having him do the right things. On the other hand like Steven said "it depends" you should still be able to get him a training effect despite limiting what he is doing right now.
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