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Default How do you drink coffee?

I know there's all kinds of coffees (American, Cuban, Latte, Espressos) and I know each has ingredients such as sugar or milk and different concentrations. I see that many people here drink coffee, but I'm wondering how you all take your coffee. I know that all the diets (paleo, zone, IF) do NOT recommend artificial sugars and milk (especially in paleo). But I also know that drinking coffee straight-up without sugar/milk tastes horrible! So how do you drink it?
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Greg Everett
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To quote BA Baracus of the A-Team, "In a cup, fool!"

Seriously - Espresso. The Americano (espresso and hot water, for the non-coffee-drinkers) is the official coffee beverage of the Performance Menu. I imagine it's an acquired taste for some people, but we love it.

If you want to stay at home, you can buy espresso beans or grounds (Cafe la Llave is the official canned espresso of the PM) and brew it like regular coffee, or get jiggy with a stove-top steamer.

Either way you do it, try adding cinammon - it will give it a little more sweet-ish flavor with the added benefit of increased insulin sensitivity.
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Mike ODonnell
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Is there some sort of "health" advantage to having the expresso/americano vs regular coffee? I switched to Americano a while back and seem to perfer the taste now....but am I really getting an advantage for my health switching? Either way...I take it straight up, no cream, no sugar.
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Steve Liberati
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I attempted to give up adding creamer and splenda/stevia to my morning homemade drip coffee but failed miseralky. Finally decided its my own small treat/reward for staying compliant 95-98% of the time. Funny how...here we are worrying about the health implications of fixing our coffee with sweetner/creamer when the rest of the country start their morning off with a cup of joe, cigarettes, and a tastycake.

Might explain why we're not AVERAGE right? Hehe
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Frank Needham
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I take whole beans, run them through the grinder on fine, and then use it in a drip coffee maker. Works dandy and makes great coffee. Add a shot of heavy whipping cream and it is heaven in the am. Btw, putting it through on fine makes the bag of coffee last a whole lot longer. I can get a nice strong brew with 3 heaping teaspoons.
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Robb Wolf
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I've thought about an IV drip...espresso clogs the lines however...perhaps americano...
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Steve Shafley
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I can't give up lightener either. Usually it's heavy whipping cream, like mentioned above.

On the days I do espresso, I usually make americano out of it, and make a pot of yerba mate to drink along with it. On drip coffee days, I just put ~2 tbs of heavy whipping cream in it, and I make just enough to fill my big mug.

I turned a buddy of mine at the P&B onto yerba mate. He's an artist for DC comics, and likes to work late, and the mate, true to it's reputation, lets him stay alert, yet leaves his hand steady.

I know that Robb mentioned that green teas and yerba mate put him out of sorts, but it's another option for those looking.
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Coach Rutherford
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5:00am- Two Big Mugs of Coffee. My rotation of beans from Peets. Major Dickasons, Espresso Forte and Blend 101. Armstrong has taken the Major Dickasons to the Tour the last three years. Any correlation with performance?

2:00ish or before training- 1 triple Americano.

On the weekends If I'm not under some schedule I've been known to get a little more after the morning dosage.
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Ken Urakawa
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Just a pinch between the cheek and gums...
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Allen Yeh
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Most days I do without coffee I opt for the green tea option

On days I do take coffee days I have Army drill - I usually take 3 packets of splenda + either 1% or whole milk depending what the place has avail. I've tried without sweeteners and cream and I just can't stomach it without it, call me a wuss but to me it tastes like evil without adding something to it.
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