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john smith
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Default Rest between sets?

For those of you following strength programs like the CA WODS, how much rest do you typically take between sets? Ive heard that 3-5 min is required to put forth maximal effort for a single rep, but not every set is like that. Ive been resting about 90 seconds between most sets. Anyone have any opinions on this?
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Steven Low
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You should probably rest more.

If it's 1-3 RM I tend to rest 5-7 minutes.
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Allen Yeh
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During that rest time however you can do things like corrective exercises, IMO it doesn't necessarily have to be just 5+ minutes of standing around.

For example:

snatch 90% of 1RM
rest 2 minutes
scap pushups or wall ankle mobility drills....etc
rest 2 minutes
snatch again.
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Alex Bond
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Definitely rest longer than 90 seconds. Doing sets across, I usually rest the same number of minutes as the number of reps - 5 minutes per set for 5x5, 3 minutes per for 8x3, etc. Max sets, I usually rest however long I need to to make the reps. As I get closer to competition, I usually cut the rest down to 2 minutes per set - I want to be ready to follow myself on the platform if need be.
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Tony Ferous
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I recommend using a stopwatch or at least timing rest if they are more than 3 mins, if your standing around waiting and guessing 5 mins i bet alot of folk underestimate the rest period.
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Nicolas Gonthier
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I was wondering about the same thing but for the exercices using 60% of RM. 60% feel relatively easy. How much resting time should i spent between sets.

Ex: Snatch 60%x2x5

How much rest would you suggest? 60% feel like I could all do them unbroken.
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