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Anton Emery
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Default When to catch in the squat position

Hi Folks,

I have a question about when to catch in the squat position. I train at Crossfit Portland and have decided to work exclusively on my Olifting so i can make some steady improvements. As a beginner, the weights are light and my receiving has just been done in the power position. Is that fine for now, and should i worry about catching in the squat position later on as the weights get heavier? Or do beginners usually do drills from the start to practicing catching in the bottom position?


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Brian DeGennaro
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The weight of the bar ought to drive you into the squat when it's heavy enough. Make sure to keep up the practice of meeting the bar wherever it is. A big mistake people make is rushing into the bottom without meeting the bar and this will create a big crash. In my warmups I'll receive weights overhead with almost no knee bend but then ride them down into a full squat just to get the movement in.

Meet the bar and then ride it down.
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