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Brian Merklin
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Default Lifting at Altitude - Need Advice

Hey Everyone,

Hope your holiday went well for those of you that celebrate.

A few weeks back I posed a question about training with a two week on/off schedule and got some much appreciated responses. Well, turns out this place to which I commute has a gym of sorts. Okay, it's more of a hole in the wall with a lot of broken sh**ty equipment, but the squat rack is functional and there are plenty of weights, so I use it.

Anyway, I'm finding that my training has come to a dead halt, where there was nothing but progress before (I'm using a tweaked version of Starting Strength). This seemed to corrolate with my commute out to work. I came out for a rotation last Tuesday and hit the gym on Weds. The first warm up set about knocked me to the floor. I pushed on until the start of my second set of working weight (225 Squats) and had to call it quits after the first rep. I was winded to the point of being short of breath. Not being so stupid as to keep pushing I figured it was the altitude change and went back to my quarters and gave it another couple days and tried again today. Marginally better results, but still pretty weak/tired/winded after the workout.

Does anyone have any experience with training at altitude? I'm about 5 - 6K feet higher than I'm used to. Any information on how long it takes to acclimate? How about dropping weight until the acclimation takes effect?

I'm assuming it's the altitude change causing the problem, since there has been no indication of slowing down until now, and this was rather sudden.

Again, thanks for all the input, enjoy your weekend, and stay safe on Black Friday.

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