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Chris Goodrich
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Default Rehabbibg Biceps Tendon Repair

Does anyone have any experience working with an athlete coming off a biceps tendon repair? Mine ruptured recently and was surgically repaired last week. I forget the latin name for the procedure, but basically the doc clipped the long head biceps tendon at the labrum and screwed it into my humerus. The screw is some kind of dissolvable material and the bone and tendon are supposed to eventually fuse together.
My surgeon and physical therapist are both very competent, but don't have a lot of experience working with strength athletes. I'm confident in their ability to get me back to normal ROM and "normal person" strength levels. Bridging the gap from there back to strength training and BJJ is a bigger concern for me. It seems to me that the crux of the issue is gradually reintroducing load to stimulate the new tendon-bone junction to strengthen without overloading it and re-injuring it. I would appreciate any input from people with experience in this area. Also, if there are any nutritional strategies that can promote healing beyond a typical paleo/anti-inflammatory diet, I would be very interested. Thanks, Chris
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Steven Low
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Well, it may be a good idea to find a more sports oriented physical therapist.

You won't be doing anything that the other people would be doing a couple months out anyway because the tissues need to heal.

Definitely don't let yourself get out of shape. Cycling/Biking may be a good alternative to keep the heart rate up. Will help with healing. Massage and all that good stuff as well.
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Chris Goodrich
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Thanks Steven. Changing physical therapists is not an option for financial reasons. I'll be in a sling for a few more weeks so a road bike is out for now, and I can't bring myself to sit on a stationary bike. I've started hiking some fairly steep trails in an attempt to get some cardio and keep in shape. I also broke down and bought a safety squat bar so I can hopefully do some lower body strength work while I'm waiting on the arm to recover.
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Justin Gross
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I had a SLAP repair last November. I didn't have a PT but worked on ROM and the standard rehab exercises. After 8 weeks I began Starting Strength with no weight, gradually increasing the intensity. Within a few months I was 100% and pr'ing in all my lifts.

ps. get a Cryo Cuff, they're awesome

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Dave Van Skike
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three things i have learned.

when you're injured you're fine if you can squat. so relax. if all you do for the next 12 weeks is squat, you're still going to be stronger after than you were before. good job on the SSB.

thing two. do the pt. no matter how stupid and boring, do the pt. don't self prescribe. just do the pt and squat. nothing else. once you're cleared by the Doc, start with frequent practice light and working the eccentric, then with weights you can handle with speed, then add load.

thing three.

once it's better, start and finish all workouts with curls, hammer curls light, band curls. whatever. do them. lots and lots of curls.

and that cryo-cuff is straight money. had that for both my knees. loved it.
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