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Kevin Shaughnessy
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Default Correlation between bar speed and end of linear progression

I'm just wondering if there a correlation between how fast the bar moves during a set and how much more linear progression you have in you.

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Arden Cogar Jr.
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I would say it's made up of what you've got more of - fast twitch versus slow twitch - and how they fire.

We're all different. I've seen some dudes pull 8+ that move that 8 just as fast as they move 135. Then you have guys like Dimas, Weller, etc. that move the bar so fast, you miss it if you blink.

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Alex Bond
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When I was doing hardcore, multiple increases a week SS-style linear progression, bar speed had little to nothing to do with how long I had to go. It felt like for the last month or two of the linear progression, each time the last set of the 3x5 would be ugly, slow, and ugly, and I'd think "No way I am adding 5# in just a couple days." Couple days later, I'd try it with the increase, and it would be just as ugly and slow, but I'd still get it. You can linearly progress longer than your body tells you that you can if you eat and sleep a lot and you push really hard on the bar when the time comes.
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