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Rob Brice
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Default Transitioning to o-lift shoes

After o-lifting for about 3 months now, I made the decision to upgrade to proper o-lift shoes.

Only problem is now my lifts have gone backwards, and I feel much more unstable in the bottom of the snatch.

I suspect this is due to the heel lift, and while I am sure I will adjust and get used to them (only used for a couple of sessions), it makes me question just how important they are.

If I was to stick to normal runners, or even bare feet/vibram FF, would this eventually hold me back?
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John Alston
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Yes, it will hold you back. Suck it up.
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Kevin Perry
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As with anything it simply takes adjustment over time. The heel lift will cause you to have a slight variance in your positioning during the lifts but it will eventually feel natural after a while.
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