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carlos cruz
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Default Clean and Jerk critique

So i have been lifting for a while, mainly doing 5/3/1 or some variation of CFFB but want to start getting better at the oly lifts.
I just ended the last 4 week cycle from the cathletics workout before the current cycle, I didn't try a max snatch because my wrist has been bothering me. I'm about to graduate from occupational therapy assistant school in the army and I think all the manual therapy has taken its toll, along with me probably not having the best grip position on the bar during my snatches.
Anyway the clean doesn't seem to bother the thumb 1st DC which i think I have over used.
I would just like any tips you could see from the video, let me know what would be the best angle for future videos as well.
Since I move around alot I have really been coaching myself, which is probably why my oly lifts never got any better.
As far as I see it my problem seems to be the third pull. I suppose the hang lifts will be a good thing to do work on this. Or it may just be mostly fear such as being scared of getting under the bar( i have banged my wrist in the past and have a little case of fear of it happening again)
Well thanks for any advice.
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Matt Morris
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Hey Carlos,

First of all, nice work. Coaching yourself in technical things is pretty darn tough and your doing well!

i agree that you can be more aggressive on your third pull, but I think the bigger issues are as follows:
1) You are starting with the bar pretty close to your shins, try moving the bar over the middle of your foot or even the base of your toes. I'm recommending this because when you start your second pull, the bar is pretty out in front of you. If you start the first pull with the bar a bit further infront and bring it in to your body through the knees, it will be in a much better position for your second pull.
2) on your second pull, be more patient. the bar is barely past your knees when you jump. Wait until it is higher on your thighs by continuing to bring your torso a couple of degrees more vertical before you jump.
3)On your jerk, keep your wieght on your heels when you dip and explode. Because you are pushing off on your toes, the bar is traveling forward.

I hope this helps! Keep it up!
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carlos cruz
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Thanks for the info, yea i have a habit of not being patient with the second pull. I didnt even see it. I used to have a really bad problem of pausing right before the second pull. Guess ill use this stuff for some warm ups.
And just a side note, i have learned from some really great coaches Street, Burgner, Rip; but haven't really had a consistant time under a coach for an extended period of time.
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Greg Everett
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I basically agree w Matt.

Wait a little longer on the clean to explode and finish w the hips a bit more - don't be afraid of getting more contact with the bar/upper thigh. You do a good job of guiding the elbows out and pulling under smoothly, so if you can get a bit more speed at the top and back under, you will quickly be moving more weight.

On the jerk set up, your head is almost tilted downward somewhat. If anything, bring it back and tilted back a little to lift the chest and shoulders and start getting it out of the way for the jerk so you can really drive it up and back instead of forward.

Also work on your jerk rack position - try to get the palms under the bar and spread the elbows out and get them a little lower (always at least a little in front of the bar).

Definitely need to work on your balance during the dip. Immediately as you start bending the knees, you're shifting forward on the feet. Get your air, tighten your quads, and shift all the way back on your heels. Focus on a smooth, controlled dip and force yourself to stay over the heels all the way down and all the way up.

When you fix that balance, the split position will immediately be better because you'll be more balanced between your two feet. But you do need to step the front foot forward a bit more. Think of pushing the hips in under the bar and then reaching the front heel forward.
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