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Marcus Herou
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Default Snatch - Heavy triple


During the spring until / right after the CrossFit Open we will decrease the volume of OLy training. (We need to do quite a lot of light weight metcons). However every monday will be dedicated to OLy still and we will be squatting heavy. so no worries there.

Every fourth week for 12 weeks will be deload due to the intense metcons.

I was thinking of building to a 1RM in snatch every 4th week (not expecting huge gains but rather not decreased level).

Something like this.

w1: Build to a heavy triple via triples (you cannot do singles)
w2: Build to a heavy double via doubles (you cannot do singles)
w3: 1RM; 90% 1x2set
w4: deload
w5-8 same story.

OR like this
w1: 3RM; 90% 3x2set (singles allowed)
w2: 2RM; 90% 2x2set (singles allowed)
w3: 1RM; 90% 1x2set
w4: deload
w5-8 same story.

Does this makes sense at all or should I stick to heavy singles every week ?
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Greg Everett
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I think this is definitely worth experimenting with. I like the second option w the back off sets, but i would stick w triples and doubles on the way up on the 3s/2s wks.
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