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Michael Abbruzzese
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Default Full grip or not on clean?

I was wondering if it matters whether one keeps a full grip on the bar during the clean recovery/front squat, or if letting it roll onto your fingers is ok.

I can front squat while maintaining a full grip but not without significant tension in my shoulders and upper back. It definitely feels more comfortable on my fingers and when I pull under the bar on the clean I naturally want to let the bar roll onto my fingers then readjust to a full grip for the jerk. The reason I ask is because when I watch all the big guys lift on YouTube at the elite level, they all seem to keep their full grip throughout the lift. Is it a matter of preference or should I strive to maintain the grip?
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Matt Morris
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Here is Kendrick Farris cleaning a TON of weight. Notice that he opens his hands in the catch and then pops the bar up into the air at the top and resets his hands before the jerk.

This is the most common way to clean and then jerk, and recommended by people who know there stuff.
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Greg Everett
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It's a personal preference if you're able to do both ways equally well. But it sounds to me like keeping a closed grip for you is not as comfortable as an open hand, so stick with open hands. I don't think more elite lifters maintain a closed grip; I'd say easily the opposite, but in any case, you need to do what works for you.
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