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Richard Bendekovic
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Default 1st. C&J in 2 months

It has been about two months since I have C&J and did not intend to today but felt OK so gave it a try. Ugly I know but I consider it a good day when the last few times prior to the lay off that I intended to jerk I could not get under even 45 kilos despite a 90 kilox3rep push press. So even though what I perform in these videos is probably not technically a jerk it is a long way from where I was. I used all the advice offered on this forum about stretching, mobility, and drills to get this so please keep it coming. One last thing-I can't split jerk so power jerk, squat jerk advice only. I am one of the people that Greg referred to a recent article that can't jerk, and Foreman wrote some time ago about being able to identify those that are better off not split jerking. I get the "it takes time," and "you can do whatever you put your mind to," "its all between your ears," and I even preach those to my son. That said, I can't split jerk. Too old, too stubborn, un-athletic, whatever I can't do it. Please hang in until last video I believe it is least ugly and As always thanks.

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Greg Everett
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Two main things - get your elbows up a just a little bit in yOur rack position and push your shoulders forward and slightly up. You may already be trying to do this and just be limited by inflexibility - if so, keep working for it. You just need to get your shoulders supporting the bar and your elbows slightly in front of it.

More importantly, you need to stick with the leg drive longer before you transition under the bar. You can try doing a push press before the power jerk to help this.
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Steve Pan
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Hey not bad! I see a little improvement in that overhead position from the last time you posted about the jerk. The first two you seem a bit hesitant to get to that good lock out, but the last video was much better.

Keep it up!
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Richard Bendekovic
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Thanks to both for your time and help. Here is today's 70kg C&J+J. Sorry for the quick post and I will wait till I get more work in before posting more video but I wanted to post this to see if my critique is accurate. It is ugly with the shrug-row thing during the first pull and the jerk lacks lock out. Also, i want to use it to express thanks to you guys and this forum. While far from victory and as ugly as this may be it actually felt good and by good I mean I did not feel like it was going to crush me, which is how 50 kg felt 2 months ago. I have implemented as much of your advice as my schedule and body allowed and only a month into my "comeback," I can do an ugly lift like this but have hope that in the near future this lift will look the same as my warm-up jerks, something I could not say when I first posted jerks. While the shoulder is not pain free while performing the lift, the locking/freezing sensation is pretty much gone and my fear of feeling that sensation is fading. Anyway please take a look and add more cues especially for the jerk. One question: Assuming my shoulder continues to handle this I plan on going no higher than 70kg (75% of my old pre-shoulder 1RM) for at least another 4 weeks. Good idea or should I push higher, for heavy single? Thanks again.

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Pete Gordon
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Hey Richard!!

I apologize for not posting until earlier. However I am here now.

As per discussed, you are able to get into a deep squat position, with your elbows properly elevated. This is a great sign of things to come. Having high elbows is one of the most important things when cleaning.

When working with an athlete who has multiple technical errorsand a triage of errors is developed, high elbows is often first to be fixed. You don't have that issue (now). Well done.

I noticed that you are still struggle to have high elbows when performing the jerk. As greg suggested, doing a push press or push jerk before doing a jerk may re program you! It may be of some worth doing a series of dynamic stretches before getting your lift on.

It would be great to see you work on your split jerk. It is often a perfered movement for vintage people like us!!
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Richard Bendekovic
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Join Date: Apr 2012
Posts: 46

Thanks Pete. Tried with the elbows on the jerk i am pretty sure I can get that fixed. I am more worried about lock-out on the jerk hope fixing the elbows will help that as well. As far as split jerk I am real uncomfortable with that lift, for now. Even as a young athlete I never had quick feet and they don't get quicker at my age. Also I was so concentrated on the push under the bar just couldn't get my feet to move. My thinking is if I can gain some confidence by acheiving a respectable clean and power jerk then I can start implementing split jerk? Thoughts? Also I am competing in a couple mountain bike-run biathlons that take up training time from these lifts. I plan on focusing on weightlifting once these races are over, last one is late October. If i stay healthy should be able to devote more time to split jerk. One last thing what are your thoughts on not pushing higher on with the weight, staying at about 70 kg, about 75% of my former shitty 1RM. Staying at that weight until I can pull off a good lift every time. Thanks again for help and please keep the suggestions coming.
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