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kevin mckay
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Default Magnificent Mobility vs Z Health and others

If you could just use just one what would it be?
I am looking for something simple and straight forward that covers all the bases.

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Mike ODonnell
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I do these....keep me flexible and injury free (knock on wood) enough for sports....that and lots of multidirectional lunges and overhead squats (even if just for warmup)...

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kevin mckay
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Good stuff, thanks Mike.
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Steve Shafley
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I think it was Alwyn Cosgrove who told me via an email that Verstegen was so far beyond every else in movement prep and mobility that it's ludicrious.
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Chuck Kechter
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The thing about Verstegen and a few others, are that they tailor the mobility stuff to the athlete, rather than give some cookie-cutter solution -- ala Magnificent Mobility...

Specificity rules.
Very Respectfully,
Chuck Kechter

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Rene Renteria
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That link from Core Performance plus some judicious searching on T-Nation for Cressey and Robertson articles will get you at least 75% of what's on Magnificent Mobility. I have it and use it and like it but think it is too expensive. It has no real upper body mobility work (not counting the spine b/c there's plenty of that). Instead, one is supposed to buy Robertson and Hartman's "Inside/Out" DVD for another $50 or $60. I think those should have been a single product for the same price, but then I'm a buyer not a seller and not a marketer.

I think Cressey and Robertson have some of the best material over on T-nation, but I'm still a n00b (and always will be).

They posted a list of the exercises that are included in the Mag. Mobil. DVD. Choose 8-12, do for 5 to a dozen reps each depending, build from easy to hard, is what they recommend. I think that's what they say even in the comments over on T-Nation and not just on the DVD. Here's the post with the exercise list:

I [Robertson] seriously haven't watched the M2 DVD since it was released. Between edits, reviews, and the like, I'd heard enough of myself talking to last a year! However, several people have asked what exercises are in the program, so I thought I would go in and type it out for any of you that are "on the fence."

Yoga Twist
Side Twist
Bent Knee Twist
Side-Lying Trunk Twist
Calf Stretch
Fire Hydrants
Supine Bridge

Single-Leg Supine Bridge
Anterior-Posterior Leg Swings
Side-to-Side Leg Swings
Supine Scorpion
Prone Scorpion
Hip Corrections
High Knee Walks
Pull-Back Butt Kicks
Mini-Band Side Steps
Cradle Walks
Scap Push-ups
Overhead Broomstick Dislocates

Toy Soldiers
Single Leg RDL
Reverse Warrior Lunge w/Twist
Walking Spiderman
Alternating Lateral Lunge
Crossover Overhead Reverse Lunge
Running Butt Kicks
High Knee Skips
Deep Wideout Drops
Supine Leg Whips
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Allen Yeh
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I really like the Core Performance stuff but I have yet to review either MM or Z health so I'm unable to give you a comparison.

Core Performance: Essentials I was able to borrow from the library (somewhat permanently as no one else ever wants it so I've been renewing it for a while now). I think this book was put together pretty well and has a good progression from sedentary to active in terms of movement prep and pre-hab stuff.

Core Performance: Endurance has a bit more information in the pre-hab and recovery sections but is obviously tailored more towards marathoners.
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Garrett Smith
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I like Z-Health and some of Super Joints. I also use the Renegade Hurdle hip mobility drills and several *cough* "club" exercises for upper body dynamic mobility.

Also, I really like those "foot drills" that were posted here a little while ago. Those are now a permanent part of my warmups.
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Ron Nelson
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I have MM and have raved about it before. I also shared it with my coaches so they could incorporate some of the movements into warm ups for our athletes.

They still have them run and do a bunch of stretches, while my teams are doing high knee walks, buttkickers, toy soldiers, and the like.

I looked at the Z-Health site, but all I got was that you had to go to certifications to get the basic gist. I'll have to look again.

Did anyone see the CF vid of Greg A. and his warm up? I thought it had merit although I think he was using some "Super Joints" movements.
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Steve Shafley
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I find myself skeptical with the Z-Health thing. Geoff Neupert's blog is here:


He apparently works directly with Dr. Eric Cobb, and is continually messing himself up, despite this. I find the speculations of "neuromuscular poisoning" both distasteful and very hard to believe. I've read a lot of goofy stuff in it, maybe it's goofy because I don't understand, but the is a very distinct pattern to Mr. Neupert's actions:


While I am sure the Z-health could be a viable program, if you need to study it for several years and still have it's founder work on you for it to work, then the cost greatly outweighs the benefit.
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