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Mike ODonnell
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Default Opening with the Yankees

anyone looking for a job??

The New York Yankees, hobbled in the early season by a string of injuries to the pitching staff, have dismissed their conditioning coach, according to media reports Wednesday in New York.

"Miller, 34, was unpopular with some players, and several had opted out of his program, which de-emphasized running as a way to build leg strength and abandoned certain stretching exercises used by his predecessor."

Wow....what the hell was this guy thinking? More leg extensions and less stretching...yeah that works....$10 he had them buy too many swiss balls....He must of been a Red Sox fan.....
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Rene Renteria
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Vern Gambetta has been posting a bit about the Yankees situation over on his blog. Here's one such post:


His blog is pretty interesting, and he adds content often. Worth checking out. He quotes a NYTimes article about the situation that has some information. Here it is:


Interesting guy with tons of experience.
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Allen Yeh
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I guess it goes to show how some "pro's" just like other people are just set in a routine and when things go wrong.

"It has to be the new S&C coach! I was fine before this!"

The NY times article that Rene posted has a bit more information.

Apparently Pettite hurt his back squatting after the coaches told him to not use a belt. Interesting read nonetheless, I'd be curious as to what Miller was doing in regard to exercise selection and arrangement.
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