Zone info: 2 servings at ~ 1 carb block, 4 protein blocks, 18 fat blocks" />

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Zaatar Omelette
Ido Portal & Scott Hagnas | June 1 2009

Zaatar Omelette - Breakfast -  - paleo diet, paleo, recipe, nutrition, robb wolf, scott hagnas, weight lifting, strength, conditioning, fitness, greg everett - Catalyst Athletics Recipes
Earlier this month, I had the great pleasure of hosting amazing coach and athlete Ido Portal from Israel. Longtime Performance Menu readers may recognize him from an article that appeared back in the very first issue. Besides some great training and conversation, we also got into a little Paleo cooking. This recipe, and the one that follows, were prepared by Ido on his last night here.

The Za'atar Omelet can be a breakfast, but it is traditionally eaten at dinnertime in Israel. The key to making this will be to track down some authentic za'atar.... not an easy task. Ido and I spent about 4 hours in Portland tracking down the ingredients. We finally were able to purchase some of the spice from a Lebanese restaurant. If you live near a Middle Eastern market, you may be able to find it there. Asking the chef nicely at a restaurant may work for you, too. As a third option, you can order it online. Za'atar is made from toasted thyme, savoy, and sesame seeds.  It is delicious, and very versitile. I will be using it frequently in my cooking from now on! Make sure that the blend you are buying does not contain wheat; some will. Happy hunting!

This recipe deviates slightly from strict Paleo, as it uses goat cheese. Dairy from goat tends to be less problematic than dairy from cows, so it may be an infrequent treat for some. Purists can eliminate always the cheese.

Time: 12 minutes

• 6 eggs
• 1 Tbsp olive oil
• 1 Roma tomato, sliced thin
• ~ 2/3 cup sweet onion, sliced into thin rings
• 2 oz goat Gouda cheese
• ~ 1 Tbsp za'atar
• sea salt to taste

Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Meanwhile, slice the tomato and onion.

Crack 3 eggs into a bowl, add salt, then beat well. Pour the eggs into the skillet, then arrange the tomatoes and onions over the eggs. Sprinkle with 1 oz. grated cheese, then top with a liberal dose of the za'atar you worked so hard to find.

Remove the omelet to a plate when the eggs have set; you do not fold this omelet like we do here in the West. Repeat the process with the remaining eggs.

Zone info: 2 servings at ~ 1 carb block, 4 protein blocks, 18 fat blocks
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