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Dumbbell Moves DVD - Vol 2

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Michael Rutherford

In DUMBBELL MOVES VOL 2 we answer the number one question following the release of DUMBBELL MOVES VOL1. How do you put these great dumbbell moves into a workout? With VOL. 2 we demonstrate dumbbell complexes and dumbbell circuits.

A dumbbell complex comprises two or more dumbbell functional movements in a non-stop continuous movement with the purpose of bringing about a unique conditioning effect. A dumbbell circuit is the use of dumbbells with a variety of other conditioning movements.

These are the same complexes and circuits used by our athletes and my coaching associates to improve athletic performance, conditioning and positively alter body composition.

Time tested in several different colleges and conditioning centers in the region, these workouts are perfect for:

• Efficient warm-ups
• Stand alone conditioning
• Finishers
• Prehabilitation and rehabilitation

DUMBBELL MOVES VOL 2 begins with simple complex movements. These movements are perfect for the beginner, mature athlete, or special needs population. We then expand to make these more complex, demanding and athletic. Even the most conditioned of athletes will be challenged by the final complexes in the sequence. A total of nine complexes are presented on the DVD. Novice and advanced trainees will be able to integrate these into their program for a more complete approach to athletic strength fitness.

We follow up the complexes with our unique circuits and workout blends. There are a couple of sequence moves here that are really challenging! Over the years I have been able to select the most demanding circuits with my students and athletes and we have them presented here. Coaches and trainers who own this DVD are going to have an advantage over the competition.

If you are looking for the next evolution in dumbbell conditioning then this is a must have addition for your library.

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