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Weightlifting Training Video 3-2-12

Weightlifting training footage of Catalyst weightlifters. Audra block clean, Steve clean pull, Mike push press, Audra clean pull on riser.

Nick Covino 2012-03-22
These training videos are great. Really shows off some skill transfer work that I'm lacking. Love seeing the different variations of pulls. Probably my bigges problem - no elbow action on the pull. I always thought it was just a shrug with straight arms until I found this site. Great guys and girls.. And thanks Greg! Is there a forum to load videos on for people to comment on and leave training notes?
dan 2012-03-23
hey greg,
how did you make your pulling blocks? what kind of wood did you use?
dan 2012-03-23
i found your pulling block tutorial on your blog.

what kind of wood did you use?
Greg Everett 2012-03-23
Dan -

One one set I used doug fir - nice and light for moving the sections. Not sure what the other set is - it's harder and denser wood.
dan 2012-03-23
thanks greg! i think i'm going to make a project out of it

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