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Weightlifting Training Video 4-7-12

Weightlifting training footage of Catalyst weightlifters. Steve clean & jerk, Alyssa clean & jerk, Audra snatch pull, Aimee back squat, Steve block clean, Audra block clean, Mike block clean, Steve clean pull, Steve block clean pull, Erik block clean, Mike snatch.

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julian R. 2012-05-29
I would like to know what percentage of my clean or snatch max to determine the usage of weight for pull exercises from either box or floor
Steve Pan 2012-05-31
Julian -

It will depend on the athlete and may vary depending on skill level. Some might be able to pull higher percentages off the blocks than others. I would suggest feeling out a weight and working on technique, then gradually adding weight and keeping the movement consistent. As long as you can achieve good positions and speed you should be able to add weight.
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