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Daily Training 11-7-12

Weightlifting training footage of Catalyst weightlifters. Jolie snatch, Chyna snatch, Tamara snatch, Alyssa snatch, Aimee snatch, Steve snatch, Audra snatch, Chelsea snatch, Tate snatch.

(3) Comments

Aaron 2012-11-12
It would be nice/cool if you could video one of these directly from the side so we can better see stance, form, etc.
Greg Everett 2012-11-12
Aaron -

There are 389 lifting videos on the site - I promise there are some profile shots in there. Have a look.
Shannon and the Mercy Flight crew 2012-11-13
Thanks for showing these videos every day. We learn quite a bit from them and it is cool to see your guys improving every week. We actually have a group that comes into the helicopter dispatch office and cheers on you guys each lift! Keep 'em coming and thanks again
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