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Catalyst Athletics Standard Warm-up

This is a basic warm-up protocol that we recommend for use with the Catalyst Athletics training program. Add any warm-up drills that address your own particular problems, and omit any you don't need. You can also precede this warm-up with a quick foam rolling series.

Lisa 2012-01-26
Video missing or not working
Greg Everett 2012-01-26
Lisa - Works fine for me. Do you have Quicktime installed?
ben 2012-02-12
not working for me either
Amit 2012-02-12
Here it is in text form in case it is helpful to anyone: Row 500 meters Wrist Circles 10-15 each direction Elbow Circles 10-15 each direction Arm Circles 10-15 each direction Over & Back 10-15 reps Arm Rotations 10-15 each direction Tricep Stretch Sidebends 10-15 each direction Torso Rotations 10-15 each direction Bow and Bend 10-15 reps Hip Circles 10-15 each direction Iron Cross 10-15 each leg Scorpion 10-15 each direction Walking Lunge and Twist 10-15 each leg Spiderman Lunge 10-15 each leg Walking RDL and Leg Swings 10-15 each leg Kossack 10-15 each leg Heel-toe + Drop Lunge 10-15 each leg Ankle Stretch, Squat Knee Circles, Squat Slides 10-15 each leg
Tarun 2012-05-29
I highly suggest uploading your video to youtube cause not everyone has quicktime, plus you would get far more views if it was on youtube compared to being hosted on your site. Enjoy!
Andrew 2013-02-22
Gonna use this warm-up before workouts. Less than 10 minutes to warm up sounds good, thanks!
Diamond 2013-05-19
I've been doing really well on this siplme program, just hit a PR on my C&J in fact.Nick, do you ever have your lifters wait a certain amount of time between singles? I just seem to wind up waiting longer as I get heavier, and doing it by feel. It can take me between 1.5 2 hours to finish my workout.I've been doing a 3-4 day a week program of 20 sn, 10 C&J, Squat one day, then 20 C&J, 10 sn, Squat the next day. I alternate Back Squat and Front Squat as well.
Dave 2013-11-30
Here's an interesting idea: don't require anybody to install QuickTime to watch a video. QT is an aggressive pest that wants to install stuff I don't need. Why not make it *easy* for people to watch?
Steve Pan 2013-12-03
Dave - The video is also availble on YouTube at the link here: /
Greg Everett 2014-02-05
Dave - You can step back off the ledge now, the YouTube version is now embedded here.

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