Olympic Weightlifting Training with Coach Commentary
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Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weightlifting With Commentary By Greg Everett - 2

Olympic weightlifting training with Catalyst Athletics lifters with commentary by team coach Greg Everett. Jerks, snatches, snatch + overhead squats.

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Matt Cave 2014-02-10
I can't play the video as it's security settings are set to Private.
uphillswimmer 2014-02-10
same thing here, can't play the video....
Caleb 2014-02-10
i think he just linked it a day early. should be available tomorrow 02/11.
Greg Everett 2014-02-11
Matt/swimmer -

Not perfectly aligned dates on the two sites - it's working now.
Cam 2014-02-13
Greg, great video series. As a novice olympic lifter I get a lot out of every pointer you provide. Seeing it in action makes a big difference. Please keep it up.

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