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How & When To Use Weightlifting Straps
Comments | December 31 2014 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics goes over how to use weightlifting straps and when to use them in training. You can buy Catalyst Athletics straps here. Please subscribe to our channel!...
The Bounce - Using Elastic Energy For The Clean & Squat In Olympic Weightlifting
Comments | October 15 2014 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

The bounce is the use of elastic rebound to recovery more quickly and easily from the clean or squat. See more Olympic weightlifting terminology and exercises in our exercise library Please su...
The Double Knee Bend Or Scoop - Olympic Weightlifting
Comments | October 15 2014 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

The double knee bend (AKA scoop) is the temporary cessation of extension and forward movement of the knees during the final explosive extension of the snatch and clean. See more Olympic weightlifti...
Dynamic Start & Static Start In The Snatch & Clean - Olympic Weightlifting
Comments | October 15 2014 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

The dynamic start is a method of beginning a pull from the floor (such as in the snatch or clean) in which the athlete moves continuously through the moment at which the bar is first separated from th...
Jerk Rack Adjustment
Comments | June 20 2012 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

How much difference there is between your clean and jerk rack positions will generally dictate how dramatic the adjustment between the clean and jerk will need to be. Certain lifters are built such th...
Lowering the Bar Between Reps in the Snatch, Clean and Jerk
Comments | April 19 2011 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

How to lower the bar after the snatch, clean, jerk for multiple-rep sets. See the article that goes with the video here....
Weightlifting DVD Preview
Comments | March 2 2011 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

A preview of the upcoming new Weightlifting DVD from Catalyst Athletics. Order here as DVD Order here as download Greg Everett’s book Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athlet...
Bar Warm-up Series Demos for the Classic/Position Training Cycle
Comments | December 6 2010 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

Greg Everett explains and demos four barbell warm-up complexes to be used in the Catalyst Athletics Classic/Position training cycle: Snatch long pull + snatch push press + overhead squat; snatch long ...
Showing 1 — 8 of 8
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