1 min rest
  • High-hang clean & jerk - 60% x 1 x 10; 1 min rest
  • Front squat - 70% x 1; focus on speed up
  • GHB sit-ups - 50 total
  • 20-15-10 reps:
    Box jump - above knee+
    Kipping pull-ups
    Week 1" />

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    weight lifting, Olympic weightlifting, strength and conditioning, fitness, crossfit, Workout, training program - Catalyst Athletics Monday November 30 2009

    • Power snatch - 75% x 1 x 10; 1 min rest
    • High-hang clean & jerk - 60% x 1 x 10; 1 min rest
    • Front squat - 70% x 1; focus on speed up
    • GHB sit-ups - 50 total
    20-15-10 reps:
    Box jump - above knee+
    Kipping pull-ups
    Week 1

    Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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    Eric L. 1 | 2009-11-29
    Is that 1 set of 1 rep Front Squat or 10 sets of 1 rep?
    Greg Everett 2 | 2009-11-29
    1 set of 1 - warm-up to it quickly and be done.
    LP 3 | 2009-11-29
    Does "1 min rest" mean 1 min between reps, or exercises? reps makes sense, but I've never seen notation like this on your site, so I can't be sure.
    Greg Everett 4 | 2009-11-29
    LP - 1 min rest between sets
    Nick 5 | 2009-11-29
    Greg, Been crossfitting for a while, but still feel like a novice when it comes to oly lifts. If I don't know maxes for power snatch and high-hang clean & jerk, should I estimate and go light until a max or heavy single pops up in the future, or should I do a heavy single then hit the workout prescribed? I'm excited to learn through your site. Also, I don't have shoes or knee bands. How necessary are they to actually starting to lift. I have some low-profile shoes I plan on lifting in. Thanks again.
    Greg Everett 6 | 2009-11-29
    Nick - Estimating for now is fine. I would get lifting shoes ASAP - don't get knee sleeves unless you find down the road you really need them.
    LK 7 | 2009-11-29
    I'll be joining in. I started half way through the last cycle. Have had good instruction when I was at CF Ottawa, but not enough time to consistently apply it in a coached setting. Since moving here, I've set up a garage gym. For now my goals are to build on the base I have as best I can. (My O-lift book should be arriving soon)Workout days are Wed-Sun. - Stats: older female
    Barry Weidner 8 | 2009-11-29
    Looking forward to the heavy Snatch and C&J emphasis. Will post my numbers this evening.
    Neil Scholtz 9 | 2009-11-30
    This would be my first cycle of CA training. Did 2 cycles of Coach Burgeners Bulgarian program in between some CrossFitting. Now swinging back to some Oly Lifting. Hit an 87kg Snatch & 111kg Clean & Jerk at my last competition. 77kg Division. Looking to qualify for national champs next year. Todays WOD: 63kg Power Snatch 66kg High-hang Clean & Jerk 100kg Front Squat
    Scott Craig 10 | 2009-11-30
    Stats: 39 year old 205 lbs nursing a completely ruptured bicep tendon (left) and a partially ruptured bicep tendon (right) Having said that, I'm doing what I can until I'm healed up. Today's WOD 55kg PS 55kg HHC&J 100kg FS GHD SU 2x25 Greg, I appreciate everything you and Aimee do.
    JCW 11 | 2009-11-30
    Power snatch- 150 lbs High hang clean and jerk- 150 lbs FS- 190 lbs 50 GHB sit ups- 1:46 20-15-10 box hop 30 inch pull ups 2:53 Just started following the site and will be doing the workouts daily. For all these workouts, is the % we are supposed to do the % based off what our max lift is for that movement? (i.e. for todays high hang clean and jerk should that have been 60% of our max H-HC+J or 60% of our max clean and jerk?)
    Scott Pauly 12 | 2009-11-30
    43 yom 195 lbs Power Sn 1x10@ 132lbs High Hang Clean&Jerk 1x10@ 152lbs Front Squat 200lbs x1 All weights at rx'd % and rest periods.
    Kyle Pichie 13 | 2009-11-30
    22 yom, 165lbs Power Sn 1x10@ 110lbs High Hang Clean&Jerk 1x10@ 125lbs Front Squat 150lbs x1 50 GHB not for time (25, 10, 8,7) Kip Pullups & 36' Box Jump - 5:59mins Hopefully I can really improve on my speed under the bar and my overall Front squat and OHS numbers, seems they are holding me back from a PR in the CnJ and Snatch.
    Greg Everett 14 | 2009-11-30
    JCW - % refers to 1RM of the associated exercise. Usually if different and not obvious, it will  be specified. In this case, it's of your 1RM CJ.
    Riddler 15 | 2009-11-30
    32y/o m, 195 PS 1X10 @115 HHC&J 1X10 @130 FS x 1 @ 175 50 butterfly situps with abmat 20-15-10 Box jumps 26 in. and pullups 3:50
    Bin 16 | 2009-11-30
    23, 170lb PS - 1x10 @ 140lb HHC&J - 1x10 @ 135lb FS - 185lb Didn't time the aux. work
    Barry Weidner 17 | 2009-11-30
    Power Snatch: 57kg Hang Clean & Jerk: 66kg Front Squat: 77kg 50 Weighted Situps (16kg kb) Metcon: 3:53 (pullups unbroken, 28in box)
    Gordo 18 | 2009-11-30
    37 yom, 69kg PS 46kg HC&J 55kg FS 70kg 50 GHB SU Box jump 27" 4:40
    Leon R 19 | 2009-11-30
    I'm going to start this 3 week cycle tomorrow, I'll be a day behind and may have to modify some exercises because of a groin injury. Do you think it will work out well just using the power variations of the lifts and taking it easy on the front squats untill i'm ready to hit the lifts properly?
    Greg Everett 20 | 2009-11-30
    Leon - It will be OK - Can you back squat instead of FS? If so, just do all BS with the same Rx.
    Jp 21 | 2009-11-30
    M/39/97.7Kg Okay, so I totally screwed this workout up; thought it was 1 set of 10 reps vs. 10 sets of 1 rep. Also, I need to look at the videos for the H-HC&J; I'm pretty sure I was doing more of a High hang power clean and jerk. Took me a couple of minutes to catch my breath and re-place the weights on the bar. W/U: 500m row, then 3X: PVC O-Squat (15), H-Pushup (15), Good Morning 20.45Kg (15), Dip (12,11, 10), Pull-up 22.7Kg assist (12,11, 10) Snatch balance with only oly bar - 3-5 x 1 O-squat with only oly bar - 3-5 x 1 Power snatch - 75% (40.9Kg) x 10; 2 min rest High-hang clean & jerk - 60% (47.7Kg) x 10 (stopped at 5 for about 15-30 sec; 2 min rest Front squat - 70% (70.5Kg) x 1; focus on speed up Weighted sit-ups 11.4Kg - 50 total 20-15-10 reps: Bench jumps - above knee+ Kipping pull-ups 4:23; 2nd set of pullups were broken
    cory 22 | 2009-11-30
    32 yom 200lbs 135 1x10 with 1 min rest for both 180 fs 1 rep 50 GHB completed metcon but did not time it...took 4 mins or so. not really sure I am sure that it kicked me in the rear though! Pr'd week before last on snatch 180 up from 175 Pr'd BS 355 up from 335 I am feeling much stronger over all but really feel like I am lacking strength on the first pull of both sn and c & j. going to try and focus on those through the next few weeks... Thanks for all the info...
    Leon R 23 | 2009-11-30
    Cheers Greg, I haven't tried anything since the injury a couple of weeks back but will give it a go and see how it works out.
    Ian Carver 24 | 2009-11-30
    36 Yrs - 5'11"/185 Power Snatch - 150x1x10 Hang C&J - 150x1x10 Frnt Sqt - 185 MetCon- 3:50 Sorry I haven't posted any of the numbers for the past 9 weeks to help programming. Nonetheless, everything has been journaled.
    Isara Fey 25 | 2009-11-30
    21 yrs 5'11''/160 Power snatch 135 1x10 Hang c&j 135 Frnt Sqt 160 MetCon-9mins Been following but this is my first posting, finally caught the beginning of a cycle
    Gene 26 | 2009-11-30
    Greg- I've been crossfitting for 11 months, i'm LEAN (5'11", 170lbs) with decent strength, pullups, metcon, etc. I practice oly lifts only as they appear in main site Wod's. I'm thinking of doing this 3 week cycle with you. My best snatch is probably only 100lbs, my best CJ is 185lbs, but the jerk wasn't pretty. Questions: should I supplement my paleo diet with milk or something else so I can get be fatter/stronger? :-) for today's wod I would power snatch 75#, once, rest, repeat 9 more times, then rest 1 minute before moving to high hang cj right? How long of rest between the 10 singles? High hang cj would be done at 108#, same as above I understand the one front squat is GHB the same as GHD? Thanks in advance for the help, and for your contributions to the community. You were at my level 1 cert, and I was rooting for you at the games this year!
    Greg Everett 27 | 2009-11-30
    Gene - 1 min rest is between the 10 sets of pwr sn/pwr cj. Rest as needed between exercises. No need to change your diet unless you want to gain weight - if so, just bump up the protein and fat a bit each week.You're thinking of Josh Everett - I'm the other one.
    Jeremy Shepard 28 | 2009-11-30
    25 yrs, somewhere around 105 kg BW Power Snatch - 75kgx1x10 High Hang Clean + Jerk - 75kgx1x10 Front Squat = 108kgx1 GHR - 50 Box jumps & (band-assisted) kipping pullups: took a long time
    John 29 | 2009-11-30
    Sure is nice to see how many people are going to follow your WOD's. Must feel good. CF is not the only dog on the block.
    Eric L. 30 | 2009-11-30
    28yrs, 180lbs, 5'10 1st Oly lifting cycle Power Snatch 45kgx1x10 Hang C&J 52kgx1x10 Front Squat 63kgx1 Metcon 4:20 (24inch box)
    Mike Maruffi 31 | 2009-11-30
    28 yom 225lbs 6'0" Power Snatch - 150lbs Hang C&J - 150lbs Front Squat - 245lbs Metcon 4:40 with 24" box I'm new here too and am really excited about following your programming.
    Michael 32 | 2009-11-30
    Hey Gregg what about a future article on fixing the "butt wink" in the squat. Unless you have already addressed this is a previous issue if you could point me to what issue that might be I would appreciate it.
    Jordan 33 | 2009-11-30
    25 yo/f/118lbs To be honest I was a little intimidated to post, but I wanted to participate in this cycle. Thank you for posting the rx'd rest. I noticed today that I tend to rush through the lifts. PS @ 54lbs HHC&J @ 63lbs FS @ 125lbs 50 GHD Metcon-5:29 Do you prefer for the wts to be given in kgs or lbs? Does it matter? I have no problem converting.
    John B 34 | 2009-11-30
    44 yrs old PS - 85lbs x1x5 felt light 95lbs x1x5 H-HC&J 105lbs x1x10 FS - 125lbs x1 Box jumps above knee and body rows 20-15-10 8:35
    Greg Everett 35 | 2009-11-30
    Michael - Check out this article.
    Greg Everett 36 | 2009-11-30
    Jordan - Doesn't matter - just indicate which you're using.
    Brian Reckdenwald 37 | 2009-11-30
    Power snatch - 75% x 1 x 10; 1 min rest 150 lbs x 1 x 10 High-hang clean & jerk - 60% x 1 x 10; 1 min rest 150 lbs x 1 x 10 Front squat - 70% x 1; focus on speed up 210 GHB sit-ups - 50 total 20-18-12 20-15-10 reps: Box jump - 26" Kipping pull-ups Time - 4:47 I've been following these workouts for 4+ months lagging about 2 months behind with very positive results. The decision was made to jump to the current workouts to be able to get and give feedback. Thank you, Greg, for the programming.
    Shark 38 | 2009-11-30
    BWU Power Snatch 95# 1 x 10, 1 min rest between High Hang Clean 95# 1 x 10, 1 min rest between Front Squat 157#, 1 rep 50 sit ups 3rft 20 - 15 - 10 Box Jumps 21.75” Pull-ups T=6:23
    Adam 26/5'10/193 39 | 2009-11-30
    First day on your program and I look forward to more. PS-155 (medium difficulty) HHC&J-165 (easy) FS- 205 (easy) Metcon: (30in Box full extension, kipping pulls): 2:57 Felt like Fran
    Gene 40 | 2009-11-30
    Greg- sorry about the confusion! I'm the sincerity of my appreciation wasn't lost with the mixup... Here's my numbers (in lbs) PS-75# HHCJ-115# FS- 145# 30 ghd situps 20-10 (back tight from Linda on Saturday) Metcon- 24" box jumps, kipping pullups 2:15 I taped some lifts, if I post them, would you comment?
    Nick 41 | 2009-11-30
    PS: 135 lbs (estimated weight/felt light) HHCJ: 155 lbs (estimated weight/technique felt great) FS: 225 lbs GHD Sit-ups: get them tomorrow. Forgot. Metcon: 2:31 w/24" box
    Erik Reckdenwald 42 | 2009-12-01
    27/Male/5'-11"/180 lbs Power snatch - 75% x 1 x 10; 1 min rest 115 lbs x 1 x 10 High-hang clean & jerk - 60% x 1 x 10; 1 min rest 140 lbs x 1 x 10 Front squat - 70% x 1 180 lbs GHB sit-ups - 50 total 30-20 20-15-10 reps: Time = 3:32 Box jump - 28" Kipping pull-ups Total workout time = 1.25 hours
    Erik Reckdenwald 43 | 2009-12-01
    I started these WODs 5 months ago, a few months after attending the Catalyst Seminar in Boston, and have seen nice gains in the lifts and overall strength. Consistency has vastly improved, especially at what used to be max loads. I recently started eating more - on purpose - and put on about 5 pounds. I started out at the following: 155 lb snatch 210 lb c&j 305 lb back squat (low bar) 245 lb front squat New numbers: 180 lb snatch 230 lb c&j 310 lb back squat (olympic style) 255 lb front squat Greg, thank you for putting these workouts together. Your journal, dvd, book, and seminar have all be very helpful in my development.
    Paul K 44 | 2009-12-01
    M/35/185 Jumping on board, partly because of the CF BS. Did a cycle this time last year and attended your seminar at Primal. Thanks for all you do. Power Snatch - 140 Hang Clean & Jerk - 155 No front squat Metcon 3:31 24 inch box
    Dan M 45 | 2009-12-01
    Greg - First time following your Wod's. I've been doing SS for the past 5 months and I wanted to change things up a bit. PS - 115lbs HC&J - 135lbs FS - 200lbs GHD - 50 Metcon - 3:24 (only had a 22'box)
    Tim D 46 | 2009-12-01
    PSnatch=95# on first 2 then 105# other 8 C+J=105#'s all 10 sets Fr. Squat = 145# didn't do situps or met-con. Instead did CFE workout 6x3 mins with 1 and 3 minutes rest between. O-lifting isn't my main sport, I fight so I will typically do 2-3 of your workouts mixed in with 2-3xCFE, 1-3 Cfits, and 3-4 Tiered strength/dynamic workouts per week. I just did a seminar with Mike Gattone and am looking forward to getting better at this stuff.
    AC 47 | 2009-12-01
    There are 5 of us at CF Louisville East. Performances as follows Athlete AB SW AI AF AC PS 155 90 75 75 - HHC&J 165 85 80 80 - FS 205 125 105 85 - WKO 2:58 4:13 5:01 5:45 3:47* box height 30" 27" 27" 24" 30" *sub one arm rows (strained trap)
    AC 48 | 2009-12-01
    that was a nice little table before I submitted it. Will post differently in the future.
    Billy 49 | 2009-12-01
    Here is a great example of CF knowledge and leading from the front. He exemplifies elite fitness and knowledge. His core strength and bitch tits take years to develop. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIjeHrsD2S0
    Travis 50 | 2009-12-01
    Holy shit. Awesome to see this many people on the catalyst WOD. Greg is the man, obviously.
    Leon R 51 | 2009-12-01
    27/m/89k PS 57.5k HHPC 75k WoD 3.59 My groin injury didn't allow me to squat so used the power variation for the clean and missed the squat. The workout turned out to be breathy after a couple of weeks off. Cheers Greg
    BamBam 52 | 2009-12-01
    51 YOM 5'7 170lbs run 12 min TT 1.544 miles Full Snatch 1 135lbs 5 sets of 1 at 115 lbs Full C&J 185lbs 5 sets of 1 at 140lbs Front Squat (rock bottom) 185 lbs 2 sets of 2 at 150lbs back ext 30 reps (22 and 8) 45lbs but on 45 degree back ext bench
    LK 53 | 2009-12-02
    51 yof 125lbs PSN 55lbs HHC&J 65lbs FS 65x3, 75x2, 85x1 lbs 50 SU (ab mat) Metcon-8:57
    LK 54 | 2009-12-02
    Those HHC&J should read 55lbs
    MLC 55 | 2009-12-03
    F/30/155lbs PS - 75lbs HPC&J - 95lbs FS - 135 Metcon - 5.56 with 24' box Did 2 days in a row of GHB so did 25 boat rockers and 25 russian ballet leg thrusts instead.
    EricB in IL 56 | 2009-12-14
    33/m/6'2"/208 Present Max Snatch - 160lbs Present Max C&J - 215lbs Scaled this workout for the following reasons: 1. This is my first CA WOD ever, after following CF/CFFB/CFE for over two years. 2. Still trying to get over a sinus infection. 3. Legs still a bit sore from 7.5 trail race on Sat. All weights in pounds: PSn - 115 x 1 x 8 HHC&J - 130 x 1 x 6 FS - 195 50 unbroken situps on Swiss ball with knees bent and feet anchored Metcon - scaled to 15-10-5 reps: 2:56 with 26" stack of bumper plates, all pullups unbroken Phil 4:13
    Double A 57 | 2010-01-08
    First day on this program been CF for 2 years. PS- 135# HHC&J- 135# FS- 185# 50 GHD's - 10 x 5 Met Con: 4:05 20in. Box
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