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Dion box jump
Friday January 14 2011

Rest Day

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Jon Clarke 1 | 2011-01-13
Thanks for posting the Dan John Video Greg. Have you ever thought of packaging up all the videos from your seminars and including them with the Performance Menu on on there own? I would love to see a seminar but due to lack of piggy bank smashing skills and time I cannot. Ever thought of doing that or similar?
Greg Everett 2 | 2011-01-14
Jon -Yes, that has been considered, and I decided to instead post only the clips from the seminar that I thought were most valuable rather that putting out the entire lectures. So rest assured what you're seeing here is the best material - you're not missing out. You can find all the DJ videos together if you just search for "dan john" in the video section. I believe there are 2-3 more videos that will be coming out from his lecture.
saulj 3 | 2011-01-14
There were many great moments in Putting It All Together, but I would say that this segment probably had the most impact for me. In conjunction with a few other articles and presentations, it has made re-think what I am doing when teaching S&C.
Chris 4 | 2011-01-14
Why does the importance of hypertrophy increase as we age? Can we not maintain or increase lean muscle mass, general function and quality of life through strength training (1-5 rep range)? Is there greater increases in capacity and longevity through hypertrophy training?
Greg Everett 5 | 2011-01-17
Chris - increasing lean muscle mass is hypertrophy, so I'm confused by your question.
Chris 6 | 2011-01-17
Greg, Sorry, i'll try to clarify my question a bit better. Dan indicates that it is better to train older clients with a program which focuses on hypertrophy and that this is best attained through 10-12 rep sets. (I'm assuming this is in place of 1-5 rep sets). So my question is why is it better to train older population with a focus on hypertrophy instead of "maximal" strength/power (higher rep sets in place of lower rep sets)?
Greg Everett 7 | 2011-01-18
Chris - You'd really have to ask Dan directly. I would assume he believes the lower rep/higher intensity training becomes too strenuous, namely on the joints, for the older population.
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