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Don't put yourself into this position
Sunday September 14 2008

Rest Day

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Jason Ackerman 1 | 2008-09-13
I finally find myself as on the performance menu page, I'm psyched! Then, wait...it's don't do this! Hopefully, I was doing this on purpose, but most likely Aimee caught and took this picture of me mid-clean. I'd like to think I've improved since then...hit a PR 200lb. Clean yesterday. Thanks again Greg and Aimee for all of your great coaching!
Greg Everett 2 | 2008-09-13
Don't worry Jason - I checked the other photos and the ones of you cleaning with some weight don't show you in that position.
Aimee 3 | 2008-09-13
Don't worry Jason, this is the time I said "hey Jason, do it like this so that we can compare right to wrong", Remember? You did a great Job that weekend!
Jason Ackerman 4 | 2008-09-14
It's all good guys, so what that you've embarrassed me in front of the millions that check out your website on a daily basis. I won't show my face for a few months and people will hopefully forget about it! How about to make up for this debacle you tell me how my 200lb. clean and jerk attempt looks. I hit the clean but missed the jerk, it's from a bad angle, but hopefully you can still offer some insight. http://vimeo.com/user584751/videos Thanks.
Michael Halbfish 5 | 2008-09-14
Greg, I really like the updated website and appreciate your daily tips on O-lift technique. What do we do when we don't know our percentages? How do your WODS fit with the CFE? I know you plan your WODS in 12 week cycles and I am wondering where you are at because I'm considering moving from the CFHQ wods TO YOUR WODS for a while. Thank you
Greg Everett 6 | 2008-09-14
Jason! You should be proud that your sacrifice is helping millions of people better themselves! I will check out that video this afternoon.
Greg Everett 7 | 2008-09-14
Michael - CFE? Is that CF Endurance? No idea. Don't know what that is, why it is, or how this fits. But I will say, this WOD doesn't fit with anything but this WOD. Occasionally people try to combine it with other things, but always against my advice and invariably to reduced gains. You're talking to a guy to whom endurance means being able to walk from the car up the driveway to the gym.
Greg Everett 8 | 2008-09-14
OK Jason - Good job on that clean, but you made it because you're butt-ass strong. In your start, drop those hips and push the knees out to the sides a bit, and when you leave the floor, keep your chest up. You can see as that bar reaches your knees, it's pulling you forward, so you have to scoop early to keep from falling over. With a more upright pulling posture, you'll be able to stay over the bar longer without losing your balance and get a lot more acceleration. You have 250 in you if you do it right and don't have to fight the weight more than necessary.With the jerk, check your legs on the dip - your knees dive in a bit rather than traveling out over your feet. This weakens you position and allows you to slide forward a bit, which throws off the direction of your drive. You have a lot of power on it, but it's driving forward a bit. When you receive, you back foot is turn way out and flat against the ground, preventing your back knee from bending at all - that just pushes you farther forward instead of allowing you to sink straight down under the bar to settle under in a supporting position. Fixing that back leg alone may have made that lift successful, although it may have been too far forward to save - hard to see from straight ahead.Either way, great job, and like I said, you have the strength for considerably more - just keep working on that technique and it'll catch up to your strength eventually.
Chad Cilli 9 | 2008-09-14
I, for one, am glad for the picture. Unfortunately that's exactly where I am right before leaning back to the power position. What's worse though is I thought I was doing it right.
Jason Ackerman 10 | 2008-09-14
Thanks for the advice Greg. See, I am doing the same thing as the picture with weight on the bar, right? I'll keep working on it. It helps to have you and Aimee there correcting us. Going to the cert with Coach Burgener in a couple of weeks, hopefully that will help too.
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