5 rounds for time of:
8 kipping pull-ups
4 box jumps - mid-thigh+" />

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Jerk supports
Tuesday September 23 2008

  • Muscle snatch - heavy single
  • Snatch - 80% x 1, 70% x 2, 80% x 1, 70% x 2, 80% x 1
  • Clean & jerk - 80% x 1 x 5
  • Front and lateral planks - 3 x max
5 rounds for time of:
8 kipping pull-ups
4 box jumps - mid-thigh+

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John Velandra 1 | 2008-09-23
Greg, I sent off a series of stills on my deads yesterday. Thanks in advanced for picking them apart. 8-) John
peter haas 2 | 2008-09-23
M/27/5'10"/180lbs Mus Sn: 95x2, 135, 155(PR) Snatch: 176x1, 154x2, 176x1, 154x2, 176x1 C&J: 135, 175, 205x1x5 Metcon: 3:59 Still trying to make minor tweaks and get my form right. Focusing on not bending early and keeping my arms long helped me on the muscle snatch. Footwork is still off on the snatch, going to try adding more snatch balances into my warmup. C&J was good, tweaked my start a bit and felt more solid.
Rich V 3 | 2008-09-23
Greg, I've been doing CF for 7 months solid and have improved in my fitness dramatically. On 1 October, I'll be starting your program (taking a temporary break from CF) and will continue until the end of November. Love the programming and am looking to improve in strength and Oly lift technique. Any suggestions before I begin your program? Thanks!
Dave 4 | 2008-09-23
Why the knee sleeve thing? They don't add anything performace wise but they sure feel nice. I say wear em.
Greg Everett 5 | 2008-09-23
Dave - If you don't feel they add anything performance-wise, you're doing something wrong. They make a marked difference rebounding out of the bottom of the squat, and for most, improve the dip stability of the jerk.
Dave 6 | 2008-09-23
Hmmm. I must be doing something wrong, they make no difference to me except comfort, They just feel nice. Occasionally they help if I'm dragging a stone or keg onto my lap but that's not the same thing. I squat fairly deep, well below parallel but wider and probably not as deep as an Oly lifter except on front squats. What would I do different? Tighter?
Jesse Woody 7 | 2008-09-23
Yeah, maybe I"m not wearing tight enough knee sleeves, but I use them just to keep my knees warm and to improve proprioception...don't feel like they're enough to give any extra bounce in my squat, rather, they're good insurance with knees that have been subject to 20 odd years of skateboarding, inline skating, and generally jumping off of shit ;) I don't start my warm-up without them on, and even perhaps a bit of tiger balm underneath to enhance the blood-flow effect
JD 8 | 2008-09-23
If you are doing olympic style squats, knee sleeves help.
Greg Everett 9 | 2008-09-23
Dave -Like JD said, if you're doing Oly squats, i.e. full depth, knees forward, catching the bounce, there's no question they help (unless they're not tight enough). Dave/Jesse - Even if you don't notice them helping in the squat (my guess is too loose and/or not really bouncing in the squat), you're saying they improve comfort, proprioception, and by extension, confidence. If those aren't performance-enhancing effects, we have different ideas of what performance is.
tommi k 10 | 2008-09-23
M.Sn. - 73.5kg pr Sn. - 63.5/68.5kg C&J - 96kg Planks 1x Max: front 3mins, sides about minute each Metcon: 5:06
Dave 11 | 2008-09-23
I get what you're saying, Point taken. I do think there's a question whether they help and by how much in that at least three PL feds find they are of such little help that Raw divisions will allow them. I guess for me, the perfomance enhancement is a matter of degrees. I'm also more confident and comfortable in my squat shoes than my chucks, and I like to use chalk when I pull, but I don't think of those as support gear that needs to be cycled only for heavy days like a belt. And you're right I don't squat knees forward with a big bounce, more of a ass back low bar style there. Maybe I'll ditch them for front squats and see if it's any different.
Greg Everett 12 | 2008-09-23
Rich - I'd say ideally stick it out for an entire 16-week cycle. Otherwise, just jump in at the mid-point, i.e. the beginning of the second strength cycle, which will be in 2 weeks I think.
Greg Everett 13 | 2008-09-23
Dave - Yeah, if you're doing a more PC-emphasis squat, you won't really notice a difference, other than a nice, warm fuzzy knee feeling. Even for Oly, they're nothing like knee wraps - so yes, it's a matter of degrees. In a clean or front squat in particular, you can squeeze a substantial number of kgs out of a good pair that fit correctly. I'm not suggesting they're cycled to that degree, i.e. heavy days only - I'm talking about not throwing them on until you hit maybe 70% or so - that would still have you wearing them every day (or near it), since it's going to be unusual to not train above 70% on at least one lift each day.
Matt Wichlinski 14 | 2008-09-23
MS 165 S 195x1, 165x2, 195, 165, 195 cj 255x1x5 front plank 1:30 metcon 2:00
Richard Vanmeerbeek 15 | 2008-09-23
MSn : 65kg PR Sn : 57.5kg - 65kg C&J : 82.5kg 5 rounds for time of: 8 kipping pull-ups 4 box jumps (between knee and mid-thigh) 1'45"
Eric Brandom 16 | 2008-09-23
M/23/6'1"/180 MS - 155 Snatch - 140-160 C&J - 215 Planks 3x2:00 each Metcon - 32" box jumps 1:44
ryan 17 | 2008-09-23
Muscle Snatch - 135 lbs Snatch - 155 & 135 lbs 1 Clean + 2 Jerk - 135 lbs x 3 Ok, so the whole jumping off the floor eliminates most of the pain I get in my shoulders halfway thru the jerk but I'm still getting great discomfort in the lockout. On the last two jerks I made an effort to get my head in front of the bar and that seemed to helped distribute the weight thru my body. Am I right with this forward head placement?
Matt Dyson 18 | 2008-09-23
MS 140# PR Sn 100#/90# C & J 140# x 1 x 5 Front (Avg 90 sec) and lateral planks (Avg 60 sec)3 x max avg 5 rounds for time of: 8 kipping pull-ups 4 box jumps - mid-thigh+ 34.5" Box 2:32
JD 19 | 2008-09-23
Muscle snatch - 65kg Snatch - 80kg x 1, 70kg x 2, 80kg x 1, 70kg x 2, 80kg x 1 Clean & jerk - 96kg x 1 x 5
Gregory L. Johnson 20 | 2008-09-23
I just picked up some knee sleeves over the weekend and used them for the first time on Sunday. That must be why got those new PRs.
Alex Europa 21 | 2008-09-23
Muscle snatch - 120 Snatch - 110 x 1, 95 x 2, 110 x 1, 95 x 2, 110 x 1 Clean & jerk - 160 x 1 x 5 Metcon: 2:15 5 rounds for time of: 8 kipping pull-ups 4 box jumps - 32" Ryan, it sounds like you've got it right. Check out this video of Sage doing some Push Jerks to give you a good idea of where your head should be. http://media.crossfit.com/cf-video/cfj-nov-05/push-jerk.wmv
carl 22 | 2008-09-23
MS - 120# PR SN - 80%:120# 70%:100# C&J - 140# Forgot to do planks. Met-con: sub'd double-unders for pull ups, 36" box = 2:54
Jerry B 23 | 2008-09-24
MSn - 120# x 3 CJ - 155# RDL - 155# x 3 x 4 metcon: 2:45 w/ 30" box
ADR 24 | 2008-09-24
Muscle snatch - 130# - PR! Snatch - 115 x 1, 105 x 2, 115 x 1, 105 x 2, 115 x 1 Clean & jerk - 160 x 1 x 5 Metcon: 2:20 5 rounds for time of: 8 kipping pull-ups 4 box jumps - hip height
Jody Woodland 25 | 2008-09-25
MSN - 135# SN - 115/125# CJ - 160# metcon 5:10 planks @ 60 sec front, 45 lateral
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