3 rounds for time of:
10 walking lunges
10 box jumps - mid-thigh+" />

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Josh & Mary Everett
Tuesday November 18 2008

  • Muscle snatch - heavy single
  • Snatch - 80% x 1 x 4
  • Clean & jerk - 80% x 1 x 3
3 rounds for time of:
10 walking lunges
10 box jumps - mid-thigh+

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Emily 1 | 2008-11-17
Why is USAW doing that? What could possibly be the rationale?
Greg Everett 2 | 2008-11-17
Because the current BOD and execs don't have the athletes in mind at all. They've lost ridiculous amounts of money over the last couple years, written by-laws that give them the prime coaching positions undeservedly, etc. Just go comb through goheavy.com over the last year and you'll see how popular they are.
saulj 3 | 2008-11-18
First workout after resting injured hand for a few weeks. Pulling OK, pushing still an issue. All weights in KG. MSn: 2 x 40 2-Pos Clean (to review technique): 3 x 70 WOD: 4:15 (30" box - The jump after the first set of lunges got my attention, safety first :-)).
David 4 | 2008-11-18
Greg - I clicked the link for donations but it doesn't seem to work. I links to an empty store checkout with no option to select. If I'm not doing it right let me know. If it's broken and gets fixed, let me know. Will be glad to chip in for this cause. David.
Greg Everett 5 | 2008-11-18
David -Looks like just  over $10k was raised, and USAW said they'd find funding for the remaining $3k - So it appears the program is safe for now. Thanks.
tommi k 6 | 2008-11-18
-modified because IŽll have to skip wed and sat M.Sn. up to~90% - 71kg Sn. 90%x1x3 - 86kg C&J 90%x1x2 - 111kg FS 80%x3,85%x2,90%x1x2 - 120,127.5,135kg 3rounds for time: 10 pull ups 10 walking lunges 10 swings,32kg 10 box jumps 27" 5:25
Jesse Woody 7 | 2008-11-18
Didn't workout yesterday, so combined the two: Muscle Snatch- 135# Sn. 155/165# x 3 sets C&J 205/220# x 3 sets
Richard Vanmeerbeek 8 | 2008-11-18
M Sn - 65kg, 72.5kg was very close ! Sn - 67.5kg C&J - 85kg metcon w/ box jumps upper thigh : 2'58"
Eric Brandom 9 | 2008-11-18
M/23/6'1"/180 MS - 165 Sn - 175 C&J - 225 Metcon: 36" +20# vest - 2:41
Jonathan 10 | 2008-11-18
Muscle Snatch: up to 130#, failed 135# Snatch: 116# x1x4 C&J: 166# x1x3 3rds for time: 10 Walking lunges and 10 mid thigh box jumps: 3:15. Immediately after metcon did DB low incline bench 80# x10x1, DB shrugs 80# x10x1 (explosively) and DB hammer curls 60# x8x1. Too much coffee today and had to do a little more.
ADR 11 | 2008-11-19
I had to make up Monday's WOD, so I combined the two with Jesse: Muscle Snatch- 130# Sn. 135/140.5# x 4 sets C&J 185/195# x 3 sets Metcon: 3:42 - 36" Box
Minh 12 | 2008-12-03
MuSn:143x1 Sn: 159x1x3 C&J:203x1x2 Flat Bench press: 295x2 Metcon:10lunge, 10 36in box.... As Rx'd 1:45sec
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