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Congrats to Ashley on her clean & jerk PR last Saturday
Monday November 24 2008

  • Snatch - 100% x 1
  • Clean& jerk - 90% x 1 x 2
  • Front squat - 90% x 1
  • Pull-ups - 2 x max
  • Overhead sit-ups - 3 x 10
Week 3B2

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Dave in Iraq 1 | 2008-11-24
What are OH sit-ups? I didn't see anything in the Exercise page? Thanks...
Yoon 2 | 2008-11-24
Dave, Overhead Sit-Ups: http://www.performancemenu.com/wod/index.php?show=wod&dailyID=230 and video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVs56Fg09kA (at about 40 seconds in)
Bon Qui Qui 3 | 2008-11-24
Hahaha...thanks fo the shout out yo!
Richard Vanmeerbeek 4 | 2008-11-24
Kept it light on the snatch and c&j as I did saturday's WOD yesterday, I'm toast. Sn - 72.5kg x 1 C&j - 82.5kg x 1 FS - 105kg PUs - 9 + 20kg & 18 weightless OH sit-ups - 12kg db's
Jay Huhn 5 | 2008-11-24
Nice work Ashley, eye of the tiger, Fire up and Fire out!
Eric Brandom 6 | 2008-11-24
M/23/6'1"/180 Snatch- couldn't stick 215 - 205 legal C&J - 255 FS - 265 OH Situps - 1/5pood KB's
ADR 7 | 2008-11-24
Combined Saturday's and Today's WOD: Snatch - 155#, 165# Clean & jerk - 205#, 215# (PR!) Back squat - 275# x 1 x 2 Front squat - 225# x 1 Pull-ups - 16,16 Overhead sit-ups - 3 x 10 - 35#, 35#, 40#
Jonathan 8 | 2008-11-24
Snatch: 145# x1 C&J: 175# x1x2 FS: 190# x1 Pullups; 9,6 OH Situps: 25# DBs x10x3 Calf Press: 495# x12x3 Bottom Position Close Grip Bench Press: up to 185# x3 (deadstop)
ken c 9 | 2008-11-24
snatch 175 (failed 3 times at 185) clean and jerk 215 x 3 front squat 275 x 2 pull ups 21 18 (kipping c2b) oh sit ups 16kg kb 175 snatch was all could muster. 190 was not going up today. tired. not much sleep last night.
Jay 10 | 2008-11-24
PR SN 89 kg, attempted 91 4x pissed me off CJ 95 fs 140
Bon Qui Qui's BFF 11 | 2008-11-24
Sweetness Ashley. You only made it cuz I was screaming in your ear. Let's go see Twilight again.
Minh 12 | 2008-12-08
Weighted in at 170lbs, I keep dropping weight! Eatting to clean... Sn: 209lbs x 1 (pr) C&J: 225x1x2 FrSq: 230x2x1 (double just for the heck of it.) Pullups" Rd1- 42 (previous pr 43, 3 didn't count according to counter) Rd2- 22 (out of gas...) Overhead Situps: 20x10x1, 30x10x2
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