3 sets of:
A. Pull-ups - max reps
B. Knees to elbows - 15" />

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weight lifting, Olympic weightlifting, strength and conditioning, fitness, crossfit, Workout, training program - Catalyst Athletics Friday January 16 2009

  • Power snatch - max attempt (only 1 attempt at record)
  • Power clean - max attempt (only 1 attempt at record)
3 sets of:
A. Pull-ups - max reps
B. Knees to elbows - 15

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ec 1 | 2009-01-16
pwr sn - 125# (10# pr for pwr sn, 93% of sn) pwr cl - 160# (96% of max cln, which is a pwr cln), 165x pullups (deadhang) - 6,7,6. bleh. kte - 45 reps total, broke up more than 3 x 15
Stephan - CF Broward 2 | 2009-01-16
pwr sn: 185# pwr cln: 215# difficulty releasing the bar at receiving position. I have no problem with the clean only the pwr clean. Any suggestions?
tom a 3 | 2009-01-16
PSn: 125 PCl: 205 PU: 13, 8, 7 KtE: 15, 10, 6, 2
Jordan 4 | 2009-01-16
PSn: 62.5kg PCl: 80kg PU: 8, 8, 8 K-E: 3 x 15
donna d 5 | 2009-01-16
pwr sn: 70# pwr cln: 100# pulls 5,6,5 k/e 3x15 ick
Chris Bullard 6 | 2009-01-16
Yesterday: Muscle Snatch: 141(PR) Snatch PP: 219 Today: screwed up and didn't see or remember the "Power" part Snatch: 115/145/175x2/165/175/185/195(PR) Clean and Jerk: 135/185/205/225/missed 235 jerk Clean: 235/245(PR)/255(PR) Front Squat: 275(PR) CFHQ WOD: 90 GHDSU, 90 BE, 60x95# Thruster, 105 pullups 21:38
Steve Liberati 7 | 2009-01-16
Age=29 BW=185 PS: 165 PC&J: 215 PU: 15, 12, 10
Matt H. 8 | 2009-01-16
5'7"/180 P. Snatch - 165 (PR) P. Clean - 220 (PR) F. Squat - 285 (Baseline) PU: 16,5,3 ...Tested front squat because I haven't done it in awhile and my rack has arrived.
Rossi 9 | 2009-01-16
PS - 185lbs PC - 255lbs PU - 30total E/K - 45total
Greg Everett 10 | 2009-01-16
Stephan - Not to sound like a smart-ass, but... Do what you do when you clean.
Minh Tran/M/25/5'9/170/WY 11 | 2009-01-17
PSN: 185 PCl: 235
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