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weight lifting, Olympic weightlifting, strength and conditioning, fitness, crossfit, Workout, training program - Catalyst Athletics Friday February 6 2009


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johnny Davis 1 | 2009-02-05
what kind of knee braces are those? I want something to warm my knees without feeling like its folded up behind my knees and stretching the joint out.
Jesse Woody 2 | 2009-02-05
Haha, I know the feeling Greg, unfortunately owning a gym almost guarantees a lack of sleep and a drop in fitness, oh the irony. At least I can use that as an excuse for lifting like a wanker now ;)
Robb Wolf 3 | 2009-02-05
Hi, my name is Robb. Crowd responds "Hi Robb"! I have been lifting like a wanker for nearly 5 years....I need help... Crowd responds: "you are safe at Wanker Weightlifters Anonymous". Robb's life improved 1000fold after he joined WWLA.
Brian DeGennaro 4 | 2009-02-06
Greg, I think you were missing your headband.
Andy Robinson 5 | 2009-02-06
advice on programming...I am working off of this sessions archives, this week was strength 1 week 4. Got mondays workout in no problem, then got a terrible stomach bug and haven't done any more this week. I'm going to just focus on recovering 100% until Monday...my question is, do I just keep going as though I missed week 4 and start week 1 of the Bulg. cycle, or should I do week 4? Thanks.
Andy Robinson 6 | 2009-02-06
I only ask because I dont want to lift like a wanker!
Greg Everett 7 | 2009-02-06
Andy - Just jump in and skip that last week.
Liam Dougherty Springer 8 | 2009-02-06
I hope I am not double posting I don't see my last one. I am prepareing to start CA WODs on mon. and tested my 1rm Sn and C&J. My snatch sucks I have an easier time Power snatching 60 than snatching it and I have yet to snatch over 62.5. I also was just off today I matched my PR C&J of 91 and I was hopeing to go for 95.5 but I knew I was just off today after banging myself in the chin on one of my snatches... pretty ugly. I posted that and then watched the video and realised thats exactly what was going on. Anyhow my question is should I modify my weight calculations in any way on the snatch 1rm since it reflects my inability to balance at the bottom and not my strength? And should I just stick with the 91 C&J this micro cycle as Its not far from my max capability regardless of how ugly I was lifting tody.
Liam Dougherty Springer 9 | 2009-02-06
I ment banged my chin on a jerk.
Aimee 10 | 2009-02-06
Johnnie- those are rehbands. Robb- I want to join the WWLA! Where do I go for meetings? Liam- Use the snatch 1rm that equals what you have truly snatched, not power snatched. Stick with the 91c&j since it is your current pr. We never want to use a projected pr until it actually becomes our pr.
jordan 11 | 2009-02-06
I'd be happy to chairman the Canadian lesser known version. WWWLA Wanabe-Wanker-WeightLifters-Anonymous
Liam Dougherty Springer 12 | 2009-02-06
Thanx Aimee Hey I guess I am just gonna get the Do-win shoes offered here I have been shoping around for a deal and it has become more of a hassle than the money I would save is worth. And I feel good supporting CA any how... my question is as to sizeing how should I order based on my shoe size 9-1/2 to 10 and avg. width?
Rob Earwicker 13 | 2009-02-06
HHHHHmmmmm Good use of the word!!!!!!!! Wankers for sure..
Chris Longley 14 | 2009-02-07
Best. Closing Caption. Ever. I nearly spat coffee everywhere. Good times.
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