3 rounds for time:
10 Sandbag halfmoons - 25% BW
10 box jumps" />

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photo by Aaron Cave
Wednesday October 7 2009

  • Clean & jerk - 70% x 3 x 2, 75% x 2 x 3
  • Clean deadlift - 108% (of clean) x 4 x 5
  • Front squat - 85% x 4 x 5
3 rounds for time:
10 Sandbag halfmoons - 25% BW
10 box jumps

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Ben 1 | 2009-10-06
I don't have a sandbag....is there a good sub for halfmoons??
Mark Gleason 2 | 2009-10-06
Do you have any kids? Just kidding... I used bumper plates prior to getting sand-bags, albeit, totally different implements, they make for a decent enough sub.
MJ 3 | 2009-10-07
Clean & Jerk - 145 x 3 x 2 / 155 x 2 x 3 Clean Deadlift - 225 x 4 x 5 Front Squat - 185 x 4 x 5 No MetCon
Robb Wolf 4 | 2009-10-07
Photo Caption: right before the famous "sneaker in the fanny" incident.
bso 5 | 2009-10-07
Clean & Jerk - 150 x 3 x 2 / 160 x 2 x 3 Clean Deadlift - 225 x 4 x 5 Front Squat - 233 x 4 x 5 No MetCon
bso 6 | 2009-10-07
Ooops... clean Deadlift - 245 x 4 x5
Brent 7 | 2009-10-13
Hang clean 1753x4 Snatch balance 1703x2, 1803x3 Push press 1914x5 4 rounds 10(1 pushup+2 kick ups) & 1 L rope climb (started seated on floor, 10 ft rope) in 4:46
Noah 8 | 2011-12-07
Clean & Jerk- 3x2:70lb, 2x3:75lb Clean D-Lift- 4x5:115lb Back Sq. (oops!)- 4x5:135lb Metcon- 3:32
David Wood 9 | 2012-06-13
Greg I'm the head coach at Crossfit Little Rock 501 and myself, the trainers, and the membership are having awesome gains with your programs. Thank you!!! A huge area that myself and much of the membership need help with is developing the flexibility to drive your elbows under the bar during a clean. My question is 2 part: 1. What is the actual flexibility issues that are the cause for that movement limitation as I haven't found anyone who can give a direct answer to that question. 2. What can/should a person be doing to correct that problem? Thank you and look forward to posting some of our videos to receive your feedback. You have been an incredible help to us as coaches and to the overall strength, health, and well-being of the members of the 501. Thank you!!! David Wood
Greg Everett 10 | 2012-06-14
David - It's often a combination of wrist and scapular immobility. You need to be able to protract your shoulder blades a lot and elevate them a bit with an upright upper back. Do scap protraction stretches (e.g. hold onto a power rack and lean back away from it) and try adjusting the width of your clean grip - if a lifter has unusual proportions of the upper/lower arm, a change in grip width can instantly resolve a lot of the problem. You can also hold a bar w your clean grip, put it behind your neck like a back squat, then lift your elbows and push them forward as far as possible to get a good stretch.
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