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olympic weightlifting, weightlifting, snatch, clean, jerk


8 Weeks Out
Conditioning expert Joel Jamieson's website

Charles Poloquin
Site of strength coach Charles Poliquin

Michael Rutherford
Coach Michael Rutherford's site

Ross Training
Home of S&C and Boxing expert Ross Enamait

Straight Blast Gym International
Leading brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts coaches

Straight to the Bar
Strength training articles, videos and more

Takano Athletics
Site of weightlifting hall of fame coach Bob Takano. Contains resources such as articles, training programs, and more.

Team Houston Weightlifting
Weightliting team coached by our pal Tim Swords

Underground Strength Coach
Zach Even-Esh's site

Victory Belt Publishing
Publisher of MMA books and DVDs

Weightlifting Exchange
Weightlfting articles, photos, video, news


CrossFit Invictus
Great gym in San Diego

CrossFit One World
CF gym in Union City, CA

CrossFit Performance
Great gym in Fairfield, CT

CrossFit Portland
CrossFit training in Portland, OR

Front Range Sports Performance & Fitness
Gym of Paul Fleschler in Colorado Springs

Gymnastic Bodies
Website of coach Chris Sommer

Josh Henkin
Josh Henkin's blog

Mike's Gym
Facility of USAW senior international coach Mike Burgener

NorCal Strength & Conditioning
Best training facility in Northern CA!

Optimum Performance Training
Best training, coaching and program design in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Primal Fitness
CrossFit and Parkour training in Washington, DC

Thrush Sports Performance
Training facility of John Thrush in Sumner, Washington

Waxman's Gym
Sean Waxman's site


Integrative Sports Therapy
Home of Dr. Fran Curaming, chiropractor and manual therapist extraordinaire. Cupertino, CA.

Iron Maven
Home of PT and weightlifting video analyst Tracy Fober

Paleo Physicians Network
Find doctors in your area who are more interested in your health than prescribing medication


Pretty Strong Blog
Blog of weightlifters Jessica Salvaggio and Sarah Robles

Yael Grauer
Freelance writer and editor


Modern Forager
Scott Kustes's nutrition blog

Paleo Brands
Distributor of Paleo food and information

Protein Power
Home of Dr & Dr Eades

Robb Wolf
Robb Wolf's blog

The Paleo Diet
Dr. Loren Cordain's site


HiTech Plates
Manufacturer of indestructible, lightweight technique plates

Muscle Driver USA
Manufacturer and distributor of strength and fitness equipment

Ring Training / Power Athletes
Manufacturer of excellent gymnastics rings, agility ladder and other products

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Word Barbell - Women's Tank
Word Barbell - Women's Tank
Olympic Weightlifting: Cues & Corrections
Olympic Weightlifting: Cues & Corrections
Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches
Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches
Werksan Competition Barbell
Werksan Competition Barbell
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Catalyst Athletics is a USA Weightlifting team of competitive Olympic-style weightlifters with multiple national team medals.

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Olympic Weightlifting: A DVD Guide to Learning & Teaching the Snatch and Clean & Jerk by Greg Everett
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