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Wednesday November 11 2009
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  • Snatch - 70% x 2 x 3
  • Clean & jerk - 70% x 2 x 3
  • Front squat - 80% x 2 x 4
20-15-10 reps for time:
Kipping pull-ups
DB push press

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Josh 2009-11-11
Evil 20-15-10 for a fat man

Went to Jump pulls because i'm to fat for kipping used 45# DB took just over 5 minutes to complete.

Snatch 145
Clean and Jerk 185
Front Squat 215

Kyle Pichie 2009-11-11
Body Weight: 165lbs

Snatch 100lbs(PR=145lbs)
Clean n Jerk 145lbs (PR=205)
Front Squat 185lbs (Used my 205 C n J PR, is that correct?)

WOD: 21-15-10
Kipping PullUps
40lbs DB's

Time: 5:00min on the Nose, Felt great.
Andy Robinson 2009-11-11
I didn't know Steve Caballaro lifted...
Greg Everett 2009-11-11
Yeah, that's how he hurt his neck.
Noah 2012-01-12
Started workin out at a new Crossfit so was a little off.
Snatch- 135lbs
Clean & Jerk- 135lbs
Front Sq.- 135lbs
*Did a different metcon because I was at the new box.

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