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Wednesday November 18 2009
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Lucas 2009-11-18
One heavy front squat? Aw snap, now we gettin' Bulgarian!
Jeff 2009-11-18
Has any more consideration been given to posting your crossfit type programming?
Jp 2009-11-18

W/U: 500 m row, 3X: O-Squat 45#(15,13,11), Sit-up(15,13,11), H-Pushup (15, 13,11), Good Morning 45# (15,13,11), Dip (8, 7,6), Pull-up 70# assist (12,9,9)

Snatch - 70% (85#) x 1 x 5
(85,85f, 85f injured hand, 85f; then switched to right hand only DB Snatches 40, 45)
Clean & jerk - 70% (115#) x 1 x 5 (DB C&J 50,50,55,60,65)
Smith Front squat - 90% (200#) x 1 (45, 135, 185f)

Coach Everett,
On my second snatch I felt something pull in the muscle portion of my left hand. I rested a couple of minutes but I was done with using my left hand for snatches. Not sure if you see this type of injury but have had something similar in the past doing some other snatch type WODs. Anything I could have been doing wrong that would cause this type of injury? I wanted to still finish the workout so switched to DB snatches and DB C&J on my right side only. Any other suggestions? Also, all I have access to right now is a smith squat machine. I'm temporarily away from my normal place of workouts and the gym is a little limited here. I was doing DB squats but the limiting factor is around 75/80 lbs I'm unable to get the DB up to my shoulders to squat with, so my weight is considerably lower than the prescribed back squat weight. Am I better off sticking with the Smith Squat machine or staying with DB squats and just bumping the reps up? Thanks for your time!

Jp (davjpthompson@gmail.com)
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