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Tuesday November 24 2009
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Barry Weidner 2009-11-24
Hi Greg and Aimee,
My name is Barry Weidner and I run a CF affiliate outside of Philadelphia. I have been following the CA workouts of the day since August and have seen great improvements in my srength and fitness capacity. First, I wanted to thank you for providing the community with this online workout program and second, I just read Robb Wolf's piece on what happened at the Summit. That is terrible that it went down and what was said to you. Even though I am CF affiliate, I support what you all do 100%.
I just wanted to express my feelings on the matter and thanks again.
AWood 2009-11-24
I too thank you for what you all do! I've been recently following the program and have seen great improvement in my functional strength and explosiveness. After reading the blog by Robb, all I can think of is how narrow mindedness and insecurity can make a grown man act like a 6 year old. True trainers would relish the opportunity to learn new information and ways to improve performance. Thanks again to you all!
Joe 2009-11-24
They'll replace him with someone who thinks a 1/4 lber with cheese from McDonalds is a perfect 4 block meal. I look forward to the video. Hope you guys release it. Sorry to hear such polite professional people had to be subjected to such disrespect.
Ex-CrossFitter 2009-11-24
Dave Castro would fire Glassman, if he thought he could get away with it.
Travis 2009-11-24
My God I hope someone releases that video.
Michael 2009-11-24
I want to thank you for pointing out Robb Wolf's take. I for one have never like Dave Castro I appreciate that he served our country and everything but so did I. CrossFit was built on no one way is the best way and now it seems like the vision is getting blurred. I for one love your WODS and have seen vast improvement in my O-lifts having trained with you and Steve Pan (who was excellent by the way). Thank you for yourprofessionalism and honesty on the situation that situation that took place.
grambo 2009-11-24
Unbelievable what went down. What exactly is Castro and Budding's athletic/training background? Pathetic idiots like those two are the cause of most of the criticism of CrossFit. Hopefully Glassman has a clue and tosses them out on their asses (highly doubtful).

Greg you rock.
Mike Haytack 2009-11-24
I'd pay to see Greg take on/out Castro. You're a better man than I Greg. This reminds me of the article-"Attitude Adjustment"--Much respect for all under the Sunnyvale Crew--lean forward, press on, CA/Performance Menu has what it takes to be #1.
Matt Foreman 2009-11-24
I completely agree with Castro. Greg is fat, and wrong.

Just kidding buddy:) It sounds like you handled it with professionalism and maturity. It's sad that a large group of enthusiastic people had to watch behavior like that, but you clearly handled it with class. That's why your endeavors are/will continue to be successful.
Ian Carver 2009-11-24
I am in awe at how things went down and the forum in which it took place. I am sorry to hear that you and Robb bore the brunt of it all, but you handled it with class. I hope it all gets sorted out, one way or another. Regardless, you have stalwart supporters and students here at CFC.

On another note, those squats at the end of today's programming were easily one of the most miserable squat workouts I've ever done. That 3 second pause at the bottom was pure evil - 260 Lbs felt like 400...good lord....

Thanks and keep up the great work!
Ashley 2009-11-24
That shit is BANANAS

B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Whoa cRAZY GUY.
Brett 2009-11-24
That is so frustrating to see something that could be so good and worthwhile turn to such sh*t... because of ego.

Keep maintaining the integrity and quality here please.
LP 2009-11-24
Ha, this makes your last comment from yesterday even funnier, Greg, for those of us who are just learning about this event now.
Loni Venn 2009-11-24
I want to see unedited video!!
Someone put this up (nwfs): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-BnqtIF7kY&feature=player_embedded

JD 2009-11-25
Release the video!

Seriously though, I'm an O lifter, and don't follow CrossFit, but do appreciate the athletes that decide on this route. I've followed you guys for well over a year now and don't even for a second doubt Greg during this unfortunate incident. All they have done is make themselves and their sport look very insecure.

Keep up the great work!

Billyboy 2009-11-25
Greg. You are a class act. Self absorbed people are often threatened by intelligence and experience. Yourself, Amy, Robb and Rut all have time in the trenches with athletes that is of massive value to our community. Castro is a pissed off child who can't stand to hear he doesn't posses the entire spectrum of training knowledge. Nor can he apply it. To others or himself. He has kissed the right peoples ass and now sits in a place of authority wholly undeserved. Keep being yourself and the rest of us rational committed coaches and athletes will too.

PS: woulda paid to see you blast that punk!
Julie C 2009-11-25
I think I will follow catalyst! I am sick of CF and what it stands for!!!
Jezza 2009-11-25
Though i have not met you persoanlly we do listen to what you have to say when it comes to Oly lifts at our box. I have been in cf since April and there are tons of great things about it and some things i question. Incidents like this only help to re inforce cf in a negative light. I have also never met Castro but from what i have seen and read im not missing much. I am a very saractic person as well so i can understand your frustration when people of lower intelect mistake it for something else. Anyway great job in explaining what happend and keep up the great work.
Tony Young 2009-11-25
Thank you for the explanation. As an affiliate owner I know you don't really have time for this which makes it even more significant. I'd fire Dave Castro in a heartbeat for bad behavior as a representative of CFHQ. But that's just me, I'm sure.

Our programming is strength bias/O lift focused and we borrow liberally from your coaching and training philosophy. Thanks for all you, Robb, Aimee, et al have done and continue to do.

CF has the problems any organically grown organization does as it ages and matures. I hope it can retain the original spirit of open source model and survive, hopefully thrive.

Again, thank you.
michael campi 2009-11-25
I don't know you very well but all of my interactions with you have been positive. Keep up the good work and I'll look forward to the seminar you are giving at Team Crossfit Academy in Monrovia.
Rex 2009-11-25
Greg and Aimee are some of the best people I know - coaching & friends. Being a Catalyst Athletics athlete has renewed my outlook on fitness and assisted me to produce strength that I didn’t have prior as a regular CrossFit athlete. What do I attribute that to? Greg and Aimee’s knowledge and engineered approach to physical programming. The proof is in the puddin'...Puddin'.
Geoff Aucoin 2009-11-25
Wow, I'm sorry for your troubles man but you are handling it with class. Keep doing what you're doing, the cream rises to the top.

Your oly seminar you ran in Calgary a while back was the best ones I've been to since I joined the CrossFit community!
Jerry 2009-11-25
I think when people loose the focus with what they are trying to do and get absorbed into the me factor and have power, they can stray from what they should do. “Work to make living Workout to live”
Tamara 2009-11-25
Greg you're not fat, you're fluffy!!!
Ray 2009-11-25
Greg and Aimee,

I joined Catalyst Athletics to become a better athlete/crossfitter. The coaching, training and results have been excelling my abilities to do so. You both are cool peeps and your coaching is second to none.
Hagop 2009-11-25
^^^What Sweet Baby Ray said.
Tom 2009-11-25
Greg is sturdy and calm.

Robb is all paleo and, basically, in need of a donut. Of course he gets agitated.

"Let me have men about me that are fat,
Sleek-headed men and such as sleep a-nights.
Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look,
He thinks too much; such men are dangerous."

Shakespeare, Julius Caesar
Maciej 2009-11-25
Another voice of encouragement for you and Aimee.

As a philosopher once said, 'the effectiveness of a philosophy should not be judged by its abuse or the people who abuse it'. I believe your write-up about your CURRENT thinking of where CF stands in your world, despite the recent events, are a testament to this truth.
Sakura 2009-11-25
I've only met Aimee once and I've never met Greg, but I only ever hear positive things about them.

I found Catalyst because Robb wore this kick ass shirt to Regionals at the Ranch this May that said, "The only balls we squat with are in our pants." LOVED IT!

I'm a CFer and Affiliate owner but I enjoy reading up on PM and visiting your site. If I had the time and money to train with you all, I'd make the 1+hr drive! What Ray said above is exactly what I want--to learn how to lift correctly to become more efficient in CF overall. Just like I want to learn POSE.

Keep on doing your thang, guys!
Veronica 2009-11-25
Why was Robb the only one fired? Greg, your ass should have been canned too for calling Castro "sweetheart"!
jim 2009-11-25
veronica, i don't think greg worked for cf. they had nothing to fire him from.
Luca Z. 2009-11-25
Greg, Aimee, Robb and Nicki are 4 of the most nice and classy people I've ever met, in and out of CrossFit, it's unfortunate this events took place and hope that things will get squared soon.
Keep up the good work guys, I hope to see you soon.
Lance Miller 2009-11-26
Damn Greg, at a loss for words? Seriously, I have been training at CA for the last 6 months and during that time my strength and technique have gotten better mainly due to the passion that Greg and Aimee have for their craft. Also during this time I have been in the process of opening a cf facility and have gotten nothing but good, enthusiastic advice. While all things come down to business, cf, and affiliation, really come down to passion and enthusiam, and I really would have been more pissed at castro and budding for ruining a $1000 conference (like a jackass couple that brings their newborn to a movie). It is not easy to remain professional (as earlier posts antagonizing a fight can attest), but is a solid endorsement in Greg's words and actions. I mean who would you rather have to rely on in business.
Gordo 2009-11-26
Thanks for all that you do, in spite of CFHQ.
Andy Slabey 2009-11-26

I was the fat fuck at the Oly seminar last October at CFNorcal. It was the best instruction I've ever received. Robb was an incredible host, and you and Aimee were very clear in your presentation. Sure, you poked fun at Crossfit, but everybody there was laughing with you. You sure showed alot of patience and professionalism with me asking questions all the time. I don't know these other guys, but I tend to believe you and Robb.
I also wonder how CFHQ can be so thin skinned when they attack any person or methodology that they don't use as viciously as they do. It just seems like a perverted version of a champion sports team playing the no respect card, and is at least twice as ridiculous. Keep up the good work!
Tim 2009-11-26
Greg, respect your training tons, so don't take this the wrong way, but you and Aimee do seem to have put on some pounds--as a trainer, you know the saying: "your business card is your waistline."

I think you both might want to consider doing the workouts that you program for CrossFit. It gives you a sense of empathy for what the other athletes are performing, as well as imparts a greater level of control over programming.

This is straight from Dutch Lowy's seminar for advanced trainers.

Peace and all the best to you, I wish I lived closer so that I could train with you.

Ken 2009-11-26
Tim, I don't think that Greg and Amiee's goals are the same as the Crossfitter's they instruct. I think Dutch's comments refer to building your business as a trainer. I'm pretty sure Everett's "business card" precedes him.
Neville Chu 2009-11-26

I was introduced to your site/WODs since I started training with Max Mormont down at CF Balboa/SoCal SC over a year ago. Needless to say, I have used your WODs along with Max's many times as I've tried to focus on olympic lifting with the occasional Met-Con to keep my GPP in some sort of existence. Your training has improved my fitness as a whole. I'm stronger and a much better lifter (obviously my GPP has dropped a bit from when I was strictly into CrossFit and didn't focus much on my oly-lifts).

All this to echo what everyone else is saying, you, Dutch, and Robb do amazing work and will always be respected for that regardless of how CF HQ tries to portray you.

Thanks for your dedication to your craft.

and Tim, Greg has specified once before that he and Aimee don't train themselves the same way they train their athletes...and their athletes don't even all train the same way. It all depends on what their client wants/needs.
Tim 2009-11-26
Ken, Neville:

Like I said, no disrespect, but in CrossFit circles, one's evaluated by your performance as a trainer--I don't agree with it, personally--it's about your athlete's performance, not your own, but there's something to be said for a CrossFit trainer that walks their talk and can lay in their own puddle of sweat. Sort of the "lieutenant leading the charge" vs the "general pointing at the maps" kind of thing.

Gaining weight signifies a contradiction between what one preaches and what one does, especially in the context of the Performance Menu, and smart eating.
Greg Everett 2009-11-26
Tim -I understand your point. But do your homework. I was a committed CrossFitter with competitive performances for a few years. I have walked the walk. More than the majority of people who criticize. Do you have concerns about Coach Burgener's ability to teach the snatch having not snatched himself in a couple decades? I moved up 2 weight classes for the sake of competition. My body fat is no longer the 5% it was for many years. I have not quite reached morbid obesity.
Tim 2009-11-26
Greg, didn't know you were moving up weight classes. Many apologies.

I'll eat a heap of crow with dinner tonight.

luke 2009-11-26
I know none of the parties involved at the Black Box Summit. I have no emotional attachment to any of the parties. The only thing I care about is this website; it's amazing. I am one of those who really have no formal fitness training outside of Crossfit. Websites like the main crossfit site, and this one, have given me a tangible direction to take my fitness to. Whatever disputes may be arising within the community, please be assured that whatever limited criticism you receive should in no way blind you to what I believe is the immense amount of benefit you do for people with the information contain on this website, and in your various literature. Thanks for everything you do.
Jesse Woody 2009-11-27
Greg,I'm sure you'll continue to be a stand-up guy with some of the best training info around, and as such you will continue to be held head and shoulders above those for whom logical criticism elicits such responses. Thanks for the explanation, but I would never doubt your ability to remain calm and logical in the midst of the drama.

Let me know if there's ever anything we at Primal can do to help you guys out, as your seminars, books and online presence has done so much to positively affect our training over the years.

I'm currently on the road to being a strong fat fuck myself, so keep up the great work and awesome info so I can finally start putting up some decent totals!
Patrick Johnston 2009-11-28
Greg, by his own admission, has put on some pounds. It has clearly been by choice and in an effort to further his O-lifting goals. As someone who has been around CF from the beginning, but who knows little about the matter under discussion, I can assure you that when he was concentrating on CF exclusively, he was a true fire-breathing bad-ass. He was lean as hell, strong as an ox, etc. I personally witnessed him beating the snot out of some really great CF trainers in a head-to-head workout. Man, I hated him. ;-)

The guy has walked the walk as far as CF performance is concerned. There is no doubt about that.
Yael Grauer 2009-11-29
I want "maybe later, sweetheart" t-shirts.
Andrew 2009-11-30
I second the "Maybe later sweetheart" t-shirts!!!
Ted 2009-11-30
I'm in for one as well, or a Fat F*&^ shirt.... hmmm new business idea for Greg and Aimee, selling shirts based on CFHQ's bad behavior.....which still has not been addressed
Brady Hubler 2009-11-30
Greg, I am sorry to hear of the miss-treatment of you and your crew at the BB Summit. I am very grateful of all that you have offered in ways that have expanded the CF community as well as the Olympic lifting community.
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