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Friday December 4 2009
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Tammy push press
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Mike Senft 2009-12-04
I love this workout! THe combination of lighter load reps help form, and then the heavy load work tests it. But after the first three days, I felt pretty fatigued. Is 4 days in a row too much for a 51 year old, even someone used to Crossfit and Dr. Ken conditioning?
Aimee 2009-12-04
Hi Mike-
You are going to feel pretty tired because this is new to you. It will likely take a couple weeks for your joints and body to adapt.
Greg mentioned in an earlier post : "This will be a 3 week cycle with a heavy snatch and CJ emphasis. Watch your recovery; if you're feeling run down, cut back on some sets on the light days (Mon/Wed), and try to keep the heavy days (Tue/Thu/Sat) intact."

So back off when you feel like you need to until you adjust to the training.
Gene 2009-12-04
Did Thursday's WO this am, felt good and recovered, but my mechanics felt a bit off. Hit my snatch PR, but C&J, and more specifically, the Jerk, I struggled with. I think my hand position is part of the issue. When I release the hook grip to get under the bar, my hands tend to come in towards the center, and the bar ends up on my fingertips. Then I have to try to re-adjust my grip out, and try to get my hands on the bar before the jerk, which gets harder as the weight goes up. Any suggestions?

Thanks for these workouts!
Aaron 2009-12-04
Gene, I have the same problem. The more I do it the easier it gets :).
scott craig 2009-12-04
Practice a quick "bounce" of the bar as you stand at the completion of the clean. This should give you enough clearance to quickly reposition your hands before the bar lands back on your shoulders. That and a lot of additional wrist flexibility work should help.
Riddler 2009-12-04
Wednesdays workout did not say "for time" for the four rounds. When for time is not mentioned, should I assume it is always for time or just get it done, time does not matter. Thanks.
Greg Everett 2009-12-04
Gene - What Scott said - pop that bar off your shoulders when you stand from the clean and move your hands out. With practice it will become a quick, simple and one-time effort - not a struggle to reposition.
Greg Everett 2009-12-04
Riddler - If it says "rounds" it means go fast. If it says "sets", go at your own pace unless there are rest times specified.
Carl 2009-12-04
Hey Greg I have been doing the program for about 4 weeks now and I am loving it. The only problem I am having is that it is killing my shoulders and my wrist. I know in the info section it says that it will can demanding on the joints. I make sure I take a good amount of fish oil, ice after the workout, and usually try to during the day. Should I cut back on the percentages during the workout? The weights themselves are not giving me much trouble during the workout. Any suggestions on recovery or how to help lesson the strain?

Thank you,
Greg Everett 2009-12-04
Carl - Spend a lot of time getting your wrists and shoulders warm and loose pre-workout. Stretch in between sets. Keep up with ice/fish oil, and use some glucosamine/chondroiton/MSM if you can. On the lighter days, cut back on the reps, but keep the weight the same.
Jamie@CFA 2009-12-05
Felt completely beat down today .. barely got under 75kg so I decided to work the back squats and make it a two day rest .. will get back to it tomorrow ... think I am feeling a little under the weather to hopefully that goes away
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