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Saturday December 5 2009
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Tire jump
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Neil Scholtz 2009-12-05

Decided to use the weightlifting competition today as a training session.

Sn 1st - 80kg, 2nd - 85kg, 3rd (failed) - 90kg, 65kg x 1 x 5
Cl&Jrk 1st - 105kg, 2nd (failed) - 110kg, 3rd (failded) - 110kg, 75kg x 1 x 5
Didn't get round to doing the front squats and back extensions.

Greg, I've noticed that I'm failing my Jerks due to inflexible shoulders. I know that I dip slightly forward as well, which I'm working on, but would like suggestions for what I can do to improve the flexibility in my shoulder for the overhead work? Thanks.
MLC 2009-12-05

S - 95, need to work on dropping underneath. I pretty much powered it up, caught it, and rode it down. - 75 x 1 x 5

C&J - 135, did 145 but pressed the last part of the jerk out. - 105 x 1 x 5

FS - 170, 175(F) - 135 x 2 x 2

Wtd Back Ext with 20# DB

Didn't have outdoor running gear and it's winter here in Canada so subbed rowing instead.
Brian Reckdenwald 2009-12-05
Snatch - heavy single; 75% of that x 1 x 5; 1 min rest on drop sets
175 -> 135 x 1 x 5

Clean & jerk - heavy single; 75% of that x 1 x 5; 1 min rest on drop sets
225 -> 175 x 1 x 5

Front squat - heavy single; 80% of that x 2 x 2
285 -> 230 x 2 x 2

Weighted back extensions - 30 total; DB behind neck; lock pelvis in place and flex/extend ONLY the spine; 2 sec pause at top
12-10-8 with 30 lb DB

300-200-100-200-300 m sprints;
2 min rest between each

My 100m benchmark was definitely a little short, more like 70 m.
Barry Weidner 2009-12-05
Snatch HS: 84kg (PR) + drop sets
C&J HS: 102kg + drop sets

Ran out of time. Had to teach class :(
Darci Anderson 2009-12-05
Does this mean 1 set of 5 reps? And what does "1 min rest on drop sets" mean?
Greg Everett 2009-12-05
Darci - 5 sets of 1 rep - check the info link at the top for more on notation. 1 min rest between the 75% sets; you choose rest while working up to the heavy single.
Greg Everett 2009-12-05
Neil -Foam rolling on T-spine, hanging from pull-up bar, kip swings on bar focusing on pushing the chest through, doorframe stretches at every angle, shoulder dislocates, face pulls..... Do some googling and you'll find a ton of good shoulder mobility drills and whole protocols.
Shark 2009-12-05
Snatch Heavy Single 131.5# PR +5.5, 101.5 x 1 x5
Clean and Jerk 146#, 120.5 x1 x 5
need to work on depth on receipt of both of these. The Jerk is really tweaking my shoulder, but I am working hand width for it.

Pause Back Squat 205, 225

Good mornings (45, 56, 56) 3x 8

I missed Thursday and since I have done the FS and Back Ext, but not the pause back squat and GM, I thought it would be best to do it this way.

Gene 2009-12-05
I attended a grand opening for Desert CrossFit, and participated in a demo Workout, but during my warmup I worked the Snatch.


I may be able to get the rest of the programming in later this evening, or perhaps tomorrow, we'll see how the recovery goes. I'm happy about getting 140 anyway. 145 was very close! The workout was Overhead Squats, Wall Balls, and pushups, so my legs feel like jelly
Mike Maruffi 2009-12-05

Snatch - 195# (PR) => 147# x 1 x 5

Clean & Jerk - 245# (PR) => 185# x 1 x 5
* Cleaned 255 for a PR there and missed the jerk

Front Squat - 295# => 260 x 2 x 2 (Missed 335)

Coach, got my copy of your book yesterday, and after reading the double knee bend section I got new PR's in everything. Now I introduced all new faults...hitting the bar against my quads/hips on the jump. Something new to work on.

Thanks again, and look forward to reading though the rest of the book.
JCW 2009-12-05
at a running cert be back on monday
Kyle Pichie 2009-12-05
FINALLY! a great weeekend of PR's!
This start of a 3 weeker is going great!

Snatch - 155lbs (10lbs + Pr) Drops - 125lbs
C n J- 210(5lbs + Pr) Drops 160
BS 185lbs and 195lbs - 2x2
John B. 2009-12-05
Sn-HS - 120#PR 90#x1x5
CJ-HS - 155# 115#x1x5
FS-HS - 185#PR 150#x2x2
Back Ext. 30 no weight

300-200-100-150ish and almost passed out in the middle of my street! Totally spent.

Ian Carver 2009-12-05
Snatch - Heavy Single - 190 Lbs (95% 1RM)
140x1x5 @ 1Min.

Clean & Jerk - Heavy Single - 235 Lbs (94% 1RM)
175x1x5 @ 1Min.

Front Squat - Heavy Single - 265 Lbs (94% 1RM)

No MetCon. Time constraints. Out front a bit on snatches. Good mechanics on C&J.

Neil Scholtz 2009-12-06
Thanks Greg.
jordan 2009-12-06
Sn- 73# 53#x1x5
CJ- 103# 77#x1x5
FS- 113# 90#x2x2
Back Ext 25# wt. 10-10-10

sorry for the late post. i was not near a computer yesterday to update my workout.

Tom B 2009-12-06
Running several days behind so I can work around rest of my schedule, this is Thursday's:

Sn - 80kg(pr), 60x1x5
CJ - 110kg(pr), 82.5x1x5
Pause BS - 140kgx3

This cycle is fantastic, totally loving it. I did most of the last long cycle and liked it, but feel like this program is helping a lot more. I expected to be wore out from volume, but actually all the 1x10 and drop sets have been huge for extended practice and improving form. Equaled my previous Sn and C&J prs but much much cleaner and better feeling than the last time I reached them and still plenty of gas left over for squats. Thousands of thanks for everything you do on this site.
scott craig 2009-12-06
sn - 75k, 57x1x5
cj - 95k, 72x1x5
fs - 140k, 112x2x2
be - 20#x10x3
Leon R 2009-12-07
SN - 87.5, 65x1x5
CJ - 116, 87.5x1x5
FS - 140,112.5x2x2

WoD 58.1-33.1-16-33.9-59.7
Leon R 2009-12-07
^^ subbed row for run.
EricB in IL 2009-12-19
All weights in pounds

Sn - 155, 115x1x5
CJ - 205, 155x1x3
FS - 265, 215x2x2

No time or equipment for BE. No metcon either.

Phil 4:13

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