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Friday December 11 2009
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Lee Prowler
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Cory 2009-12-10
Great Tune!
Gene 2009-12-11
I was starving for metcon, so I ran 5k today. Finished in 24:35, which is 20 seconds off my PR. Until this morning the only other metcon I'd done since last Monday was the box jump/pullups, which only took two minutes. I've just ended up short on time on the light days.

Greg, how fast, in your opinion, does metcon capacity come and go? Strength (deadlift, back squat) is something I need to improve, and I was thinking of doing gomad + 20 rep squats, but gave heard it slows you down. Thoughts?
Greg Everett 2009-12-11
Gene - conditioning comes and goes pretty quickly, particularly compared to strength. Strength is fairly easy to maintain and recover, but tough to develop initially. Conditioning is easy.Not a big fan of 20 rep squats/GOMAD unless your overwhelming priority is gaining a lot of weight in very little time without much concern for body comp (this largely applies to young skinny guys).See how you do on a complete strength cycle here - bump up your protein and fat intake a bit, and possibly PWO starchy carbs somewhat on metcon days. You will definitely bump up your squats and DL - exactly how much you will only know by trying.
Erik 2009-12-11
Thanks for the collected training, Greg...

Humbly Super Humbly submitted question, but trying to hone my "seeing and correcting" eye somewhat, were there some 2nd pulls missed on some of the snatches? Some grip and rip? Jocelyn in Particular...Again, humbly submitted, your athletes are stellar.
Greg Everett 2009-12-11
Erik - Yes, Jocelyn tends to accelerate a bit too much too soon and has been correcting that very well (this is actually somewhat dated video). The issue is simply blowing past a proper second-pull entrance position and limiting the potential for acceleration. Jocelyn is extremely powerful and strong and has been able to get away with this for a while - but as I said, she's improving technically a great deal, and has made impressive gains. Hopefully we can talk her into being a full-time weightlifter...
Gene 2009-12-11
Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I very much appreciate it. I'm on board here through this oly cycle for sure. Do you consider this 3 week cycle a "complete strength cycle," or is that the focus of a future cycle? Will the fast Olympic lifts improve the slow lifts? Sorry if that's a dumb question... Just want to clarify.
Greg Everett 2009-12-11
Gene - This cycle is not what you could really consider a strength cycle. The following one will be - probably 4-6 weeks. Fast lifts improve slow lifts quite well; the opposite is not true. However, in a strength cycle, we will place more of an emphasis on squatting, pulling (even deadlifting sometimes) and pressing exercises.
Jp Thompson 2009-12-11

Its good to hear those thoughts. I had always wondered that myself since we never seem to do deadlifts. I had noticed on one of the box jumps WODs post lifting that the box jumps were almost easy. When I first started to do CF I hated box jumps. Now that I'm working snatches and C&J the box jumps still got me breathing hard but seemed easy. Thought that might be the case since we rarely DL on the CA WODs. I'm pretty much sold on using CA and CFE as my primary means of working out. Thanks so much for what you do here Greg!
Tom 2009-12-12
Dude...C'mon Lee, put some weight on that Prowler!!!
Erik 2009-12-12
Thanks Greg,

While I'm at it, I'm having my own issues with "gripping and ripping," as Coach B would like to say--an issue with a lot of us CrossFitters I suspect.

Question: what cue or mental imagery do you use or coach for athletes that rush through the second pull without "getting tall" or "finishing?" Do you take it back and do snatch high pulls, or snatch from the hang to force the extension? Is it just a matter of discipline?

I'm able to get under the with good speed, but I suspect not finishing is going to doom me as the loads get closer to 80% and above...

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