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Thursday December 10 2009
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Rob snatch deadlift
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MLC 2009-12-10

Power Snatch
75% x 1 x 10 @ 75#

Power C & J
75% x 1 x 10 @ 105# (miscalculated, should have been 110#)

75% x 1 x 10 @ 135

Neil Scholtz 2009-12-10
Rearranged about 2 tonnes of equipment yesterday, was feeling a bit run down, so decided to rest today.

Greg, should I try today's workout tomorrow, or skip tomorrow and continue on Saturday?
Greg Everett 2009-12-10
Neil - Do today's workout tomorrow, but do only 5 sets each of PC/PS, and skip the conditioning workout.
Jp Thompson 2009-12-10

W/U: 500m row, then 3X: PVC O-Squat (15), Dips (10), H-PU (15,12,10)
Snatch balance/snatch/power snatch warm up w/ 45# BB

Power snatch - 75% (100#) x 1 x 10; 1 min rest
Power clean & jerk - 75% (143#) x 1 x 10; 1 min rest
Front squat - 75% (170#) x 1; focus on speed up
Scott Pauly 2009-12-10
Power snatch - 75% x 1 x 10; 1 min rest

Power clean & jerk - 75% x 1 x 10; 1 min rest

Front squat - 75% x 1; focus on speed up
Kyle Pichie 2009-12-10

Power Snatch
75% x 1 x 10 @ 120#

Power C & J
75% x 1 x 10 @ 160#

75% x 1 x 10 @ 160#

JCW 2009-12-10
power snatch- 150 lbs
power c+j- 190 lbs
FS- 205 lbs
Brian Reckdenwald 2009-12-10
Power snatch - 75% x 1 x 10; 1 min rest
150 lbs x 1 x 10

Power clean & jerk - 75% x 1 x 10; 1 min rest
185 x 1 x 10

Front squat - 75% x 1; focus on speed up

3 rounds:
20 GHB sit-ups
15 pull-ups

Time - 5:55

Also worked up to a snatch heavy single because I will be missing Saturday: 190 lbs.
Shark 2009-12-10
I did yesterdays, cause I had to skip yesterday for various character defect reasons, (Sore, cold garage and tired).

Snatch Heavy Single - 131.5#, 80% ~111.5# x 1 x 3
Clean and Jerk 151.5#, 80% ~ 120.5# x 1 x 3
Pause Back Squat 232.5#

Good Mornings 56# x 3 x 10
Jordan 2009-12-10
75% x 1 x 10 @ 62#

C & J
75% x 1 x 10 @ 82#


I ended up doing full Snatch and C&J, I wrote it on the white board to do Power S and C&J, but my mind was somewhere else. (ready for that rest day :)

Jason 2009-12-11

One of your female lifters in the video, the one with a tattoo on her lower leg (can't remember her name) jumps backwards a lot. Very noticeable when she snatches. I have a lifter I'm coaching that is doing the same thing. We have had some success eliminating it, but I was wondering what you were doing with her to work on that?

Greg Everett 2009-12-11
Jason - I don't mind jumping backward - in fact, I think it's good. The key is that it needs to be within the athlete's ability to bring the bar along, and it must be originating from backward movement of the bar/body unit as a whole, rather than misplaced feet and a settling into that new base (which can only be done with limited weight). If she's jumping backward but everything else looks good, leave it alone (as long as it's no more than a few inches). If she's sweeping just her feet back, try to correct it. The simplest method is to instruct her to, as she pulls under, drive her heels forward into the floor. If this is inadequate, snatch balances, tall snatches, and high-hang snatches can be helpful, all focusing on maintaining foot position and driving the heels into the floor as the feet are transitioned.
Ian Carver 2009-12-11
75%=155x1x10 @1min

Cln & Jerk
75%=195x1x10 @1min

Front Squat
LK 2009-12-14
Had to skip this one.
Leon R 2009-12-15

PS 60
PCJ 75

No FS today
EricB in IL 2009-12-27
All weights in pounds.

PSn - 115x1x10
PCJ (subbed push press for jerk due to shoulder issues) - 155x1x10
FS - 205

Metcon - subbed unanchored abmat situps for GHB, subbed 18 towel pullups, alternating hands after each rep, for rope climbs


Phil 4:13
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