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Saturday December 12 2009
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Jocelyn clean
  • Snatch - heavy single; 80% of that x 1 x 3; 1 min rest on drop sets
  • Clean & jerk - heavy single; 80% of that x 1 x 3; 1 min rest on drop sets
  • Back squat - heavy single; 85% of that x 2 x 2
  • Reverse hyperextensions - 3 x 25
4 rounds:
30 sec double-unders
30 sec push-up + 2 kick-up

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Neil Scholtz 2009-12-12

Sn Heavy Single 80kg - 65kg x 1 x 3
Cln & Jrk Heavy Single 100kg - 85kg x 1 x 3
Back Squat Heavy Single 155kg - 130kg x 2 x 2

Didn't get round to the workout yesterday. Today wasn't my best day either. Felt like I had no power with the O-lifts, but had the strength with the back squat (my PR is 160kg).

Maybe just a stressful week this week.
Mike Maruffi 2009-12-12

Snatch - 93kg (PR), 75kg x 1 x 3
Clean and jerk - 111kg, 90kg x 1 x 3

Back Squat - 165kg, 140kg x 2 x 2

Reverse hyperext unweighted


1: 42, 30
2: 21, 23
3: 31, 18
4: 16, 16
Kyle Pichie 2009-12-12

Snatch - 170#(PR by 15#)-Drop Set-135# 1x3

Clean and jerk - 215#(PR by 5#)-Drop Set-175# 1 x 3

Back Squat - 255#(PR by 30#),-Drop Set- 215# x 2 x 2

Metcon: Not 100% sure of the numbers

1: 30, 25
2: 18, 18
3: 18, 14
4: 20, 12-15?
MLC 2009-12-12

Finally got my adidas lifting shoes, what a difference good shoes makes!

Snatch - 90#, 1x3 @ 75#
C & J - 145#, 1x3 @ 115# (jerk is def limiting factor)
BS - 215# (15* PR!!) Didn't do 2x2 as back was iffy after the 1RM BS. Hips came up to fast but I was damned and determined to get that lift.

Reverse Hyper unweighted

Didn't record #'s for MetCon.
Barry Weidner 2009-12-12
Snatch HS: 180#
C&J: 230#
BS: 275#

Metcon later
Rice Owls Catalysts 2009-12-12
Snatch: C: 145,115X3 BG: 95,80X3
C&J: C: 205,165X3 BG: 145,115X3
BS: C: 325, 280 2X2 BG: 205, 175 2X2
Reverse Hypers: we don't have an appropriate place! SKIP.
Met-con: C: got something like 50 DU and 50 pushups total

First day on the performance menu - loved it - BG's shoulders are going to take a while to get used to this, and it was way longer than we're used to being in the gym but a good change.

Thanks greg.
Gene 2009-12-12
I checked the exercises page and even googled it, but no luck. What is a kick-up?
Cory 2009-12-12
I'm coming down with a pretty nasty cold so my numbers where off today...to say the least I did lift and do a portion of the met con.

Greg Everett 2009-12-12
Gene - Do a push-up, jump the feet up to the hands, then back to the push-up position; repeat this one more time; do another push-up.
Scott Pauly 2009-12-12
Heavy Single 85kg
1x3@ 67.5kg

Clean and Jerk
Heavy Single 110kg(pr)
1x3@ 87.5kg

Back Squat 120kg 2x2

Hit all goals for the week, with one Pr on top of it all.
Gene 2009-12-13
In lbs:
Snatch 75-75-95f-95-115-125-135-140f-140f
3 singles @ 105
Clean & Jerk 125-135-135-165-175(clean, fail on jerk)
3 singles @ 135
Back Squat 125-185-205-225-245
2x2 @ 205
Reverse hyper 3x25 My back was on fire!
Jordan 2009-12-13
Heavy Single 77lb
1x3@ 62lb

Clean and Jerk
Heavy Single 107lb
1x3@ 87lb

i was not feeling very well so i stopped after the oly lifts.
LK 2009-12-14
done on Dec. 13

SN: 70#, 55x1x33
C&J: 85#, 70x1x33
BSQ: 135#, 115x2x2

Did Metcon

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