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Monday December 14 2009
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Aimee snatch
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LP 2009-12-13
Hey, what gives? I thought you stated earlier that the most recent cycle was gonna be three weeks?
I'm interested in what factored into your decision to stop it after two?
were people coming off as too fatigued in their comments?
Barry Weidner 2009-12-13
Trust the coach. Thanks Greg and Aimee. I hit PRs in both lifts the past 2 weeks. Snatch 185# (that was a year end goal) and Clean and Jerk 240# (goal is 250# by year's end).
Greg Everett 2009-12-13
LP - We had quite a few PRs, but also a good amount of fatigue, and numbers that weren't high enough. The 3rd week in such a cycle nearly always is lower in weight anyway, so I decided to switch early and get people prepped for a strength cycle (which is really 4 weeks, with a transition week (this one) first).If you're dying to do a third week, repeat last week, but get rid of all drop sets - only daily maxes and squats.
LP 2009-12-13
Thanks Mr. E.
I'm followimg a couple weeks behind, so I haven't actually started the cycle yet; it did look pretty taxing, but I think it's exactly what I need right now (classic lift emphasis).

Thanks for all the time you spend planning and analyzing these FREE workouts... over the past few months I have repeatedly realized what a frickin genious you are as I hit PR after PR.

At the end of that 12 week beast I just finished, I nailed a 200 kg back squat, 130 kg C+J, and 105 kg snatch (all PRs). I was wondering if these numbers are proportional, or if something is askew in my strength to power ratio?
Greg Everett 2009-12-13
LP - Nice work. With a 200 kg BS (and nothing else to go on), I would expect more along the lines of 125/150. So you're right that you're largely in need of some classic lift emphasis work in order to make better use of your strength.
Mike Maruffi 2009-12-14
Back squat: 135kg
Clean deadlift: 105kg
Push press: 75kg
Jerk dip squat: 102kg

Failed on rep 8 of last set of pullups
GHB situps: 20, 16, 18

I'd like to reiterate LP and thank you for putting out this programming for free. This is my third week and am loving it.
Neil Scholtz 2009-12-14

Back Squat 120kg x 5 x 5
Clean Deadlift 110kg x 5 x 3
Push Press 65kg x 5 x 5
Jerk Dip Squat 100kg x 5 x 3

Pull ups:
1st set - 10kg weight vest
2nd set - 7.5kg weight vest
3rd set - 5kg weight vest (failed on rep 9)
GHB situps: 40 - 30 - 25

Had to do the pull ups & GHB situps straight after the barbell work. Don't have time to go back to train later.
Jp Thompson 2009-12-14

Back squat - 75% (180#)x 5 x 5
Clean deadlift - 90% (1605#) x 5 x 3
Push press - 70% (115#) x 5 x 5
Jerk dip squat - 90% (160#) x 5 x 3

ran out of time to do the mini-Wod; will try to knock it out tonight
Rice Owls Catalysts 2009-12-14
BS: C: 255 BG: 165
DL: C: 230 BG: 230 (BG doesnt know his clean max)
PP: C: 160 BG: 115,105,95,95 (rack jerks on the last set, his shoulders are having trouble with the front rack position)
JDS: C: 215 BG: 150
PU: C: 20#,20#,25# DB BG: unweighted 10,8,7 unbroken
GHB: C: 15,14,15 BG:13,13,13
David Walker 2009-12-14
Back Squat 225# x 5 x 5
Clean Deadlift 200# 5 x 3
Push Press 145# 5 x 5
Jerk Dip Squat 225# 5 x 3

Pull-ups Unweighted 10, 10, 6
Sit-ups 32, 24, 21
Sam McGowan 2009-12-14

Squat:195# 5x5
Cln DL:195# 5x3
Push Press:135# 5x5
Jerk Dip Squat:205# 5x3
Sam McGowan 2009-12-14
Meant to add -- subbed 2 mile steady run for Metcon -- getting ready for a 1 mile (road) and 5K (trail) running race this weekend
Jesse Woody 2009-12-14
Made some assumptions as to my maxes, haven't high-bar back squatted, Cleaned, Jerked or Push-pressed for a max in a few months...

Back Squat: 243#5-5-5-5-5
Cln DL: 228#5-5-5
PP: 155#5-5-5-5-5
Jrk Dip Sq.:223#5-5-5

3 sets:
Pull-ups (pullups have sucked lately...higher bodyweight + lack of pull-up work made these suck especially bad) 8/7/6 reps
GHD sit-up: 15/14/13 reps

Finally back to the o-lifting, looking forward to a comp in the middle of January...going to be great to be back on the platform again!
Cory 2009-12-14
Back Squat: 265#5-5-5-5-5
Cln DL: 275#5-5-5(went for heavier load than % of max)
PP: 155#5-5-5-5-5
Jrk Dip Sq.:335#5-5-5(went for heavier load than % of max)

I am looking forward to this cycle personally as I feel I am in need of some pulling work and back squatting!

Thanks for the Programming!

Scott Pauly 2009-12-14
Back Squat 110kg 5x5
Clean Deadlift 110kg 5x3
Push press 70kg 5x5
Jerk Dip Squat 100kg 5x5

All weight at Rx'd percentages
Riddler 2009-12-14
All in lbs

BS 230
CDL 205
PP 135
Jerk dip squat at 190

Did not do the metcon yet. Really, don't get what it means. Can somebody explain to my little mind?
Greg Everett 2009-12-14
Riddler - It's not a conditioning workout. Check the "info" link for an explanation of the tempo prescriptions (e.g. 21X0) and compound sets.
Kyle Pichie 2009-12-14

Back Squat 190# x 5 x 5
Clean Deadlift 195# x 5 x 3
Push Press 160# x 5 x 5
Jerk Dip Squat 210# x 5 x 3

Pull ups:
1st set - 8kg Kettlebelle
2nd set - 8kg-5kg plate
3rd set - 5kg plate (Failed on rep 7, 3reps afterwards)
GHB situps: 21 - 20 - 15
ec 2009-12-14

whats the best protocol for those of us with less than 3 x 10 deadhand pullups? hit the total number of reps or 3 x max?

Greg Everett 2009-12-14
EC!Use a band.
Gordo 2009-12-14
Weights in pounds
Back Squat 185x5x5
Deadlift 185x5x3
Push-press 125x5x5
Jerk Dip Squat 185x5x5

10 w/10lb
10 w/15lb
6+2+2 w/20lb

GHD SU 20,16,15
John B. 2009-12-14
Back Squat 160#x5x5
Clean DL 150#x5x3
Push Press 105#x5x5
Jerk dip squat 150#x5x3

No time for the conditioning, I'll try to hit it tomorrow.
Anil 2009-12-14
Back squat - 75% x 5 x 5 - 205# (assume 275# max)
Clean deadlift - 90% (of clean) x 5 x 3 - 198# (assume 220# max)
Push press - 70% x 5 x 5 - 130# (assume 185# max)
Jerk dip squat - 90% (of jerk) x 5 x 3 198# (assume 220# max)

3 sets:
Pull-ups 3 x 10
GHD Sit Ups 20, 17, 14
scott craig 2009-12-14
BS 135kg
Clean DL 100kg
PP (did strict press by accident) 70kg
JDS 90kg
Gene 2009-12-14
inb lbs. Rx'd %
BS 190
Cln DL 165
PP 125
Jerk DS 165

Pullups: 20# 10 strict, 20# 7 strict/Kip, 15# 5 strict/5 Kip
GHD SU: 30-20-20

did pullups straight through with 2 min btwn sets, then GHD same way. Is that right? I guess I should have started pullups with lower weight then added each set too, correct? 
TeddyB_SC 2009-12-14
B Squat: 109kg
Clean DL: 98kg
P Press: 50kg
Jerk Dip Squat: 98kg
Ian Carver 2009-12-14
Back Squat

Clean Deadlift

Push Press

Jerk Dip Squat

Felt pretty good today although legs were a bit heavy to start out with. Last week was tough with some residual fatigue and some tenosynovitis bugging my left hand again at weeks end, so I had to skip Saturday's effort. The previous 2 weeks were good - challenging physically and mentally. This will be a nice change.
JCW 2009-12-14
back squat- 245 lbs
cln deadlift- 235 lbs
push press- 155 lbs
jerk dip squats- 230 lbs
pull ups- 25 lbs
GHB sit ups- 35, 30, 25
was different trying to do max set at tempo
Dallas Hartwig 2009-12-14
BS 5x5/245
Clean DL 5x3/260
PP 5x5/150
Jerk dip squats 5x3/260

Pullups 3x10 (no weight)
GH situps 24/22/20

Looking forward to the strength cycle, Greg. Thanks, once again, for providing world-class programming at no cost. Your integrity and leadership in the s&c community are valued and respected. I'd trying to make it to your lifting seminar at Robb's in March... In the meantime, I'll jump on board your programming full-bore this time (instead of the half-assed ways I've done it before). Thanks again.

Brian Reckdenwald 2009-12-15
Back squat - 75% x 5 x 5
260 lbs x 5 x 5

Clean deadlift - 90% (of clean) x 5 x 3
240 x 5 x 3

Push press - 70% x 5 x 5
135 x 5 x 5

Jerk dip squat - 90% (of jerk) x 5 x 3
225 x 5 x 3

3 sets:
A1. Pull-ups x 10; 21X0; 2 min rest; add weight each set as needed to hit reps
A2. GHB sit-ups x max consecutive; 2010; NO failed reps; 2 min rest
9 lbs, 25 sit-ups
14 lbs, 23 sit-ups
18 lbs, 23 sit-ups
Greg Everett 2009-12-15
Gene - It's meant to be a compound set. first set of pull-ups; 2 min rest; first set of GHD; 2 min rest; second set of pull-ups, etc.
Collin 2009-12-15
Today marks my first stab at your programming Greg.

I have been doing the mainsite crossfit WOD for some time now, and have started to feel a little restless and unfocused. I did some research, and decided I wanted something with a little more strength emphasis. Long story short, I stumble across your site, and the rest is history.

I thank you for putting this information up free of charge, and look forward to participating in it.



did the metcon right after on account of short time.
1. 13 GHSU
2. 12 GHSU
3. 12 GHSU
LK 2009-12-16
done on 12/16/09


BSQ: 110#x5x5 (wow they gassed me! outta practise I guess)
CL DL: 80#x5x3
PP: 60#x5x5
JK DIP SQ: 80#x5x3

3 sets
A1 - PLUx10 - red band (broken reps)
A2 - GHB SU - *subbed weighted SU w/35#KB held overhead 23,21,15

LK 2009-12-16
Yikes that should be a 15# KB on those sit-ups!!
EricB in IL 2009-12-28
All weight in pounds.

Scaled to 3 sets of 5 reps for all exercises.

BS - 250
Cl DL - 205
PP - 145
Jerk Dip Sq - 195

Since I did last Thu WOD yesterday, which included situp/rope climb metcon, skipped pullups and situps today.

Phil 4:13
Jose 2013-08-13
C&J up to 108# (49 kilos), plus sets of 3 cleans at 108, pnacticirg catching lower with better form (not jumping so wide)FS up to 124 (~56 kilos)PP: 88#, 90#, 94# (~43 kilos)Subbed banded muscle-ups for weighted pullupsWell, I am not super comfortable with the C&J in my little weight room in my apartment, hah. I'm pretty sure I'm going to break my leg or put the bar through the wall. Its carpeted, its a little cramped, my health insurance hasn't kicked in yet clearly a catastrophe is imminent
Steve Pan 2013-08-14
Jose -

Stay safe with your training!
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